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Intermediary says

outside, a recent investigation disco

vers Japanese mouth and social safety institute, in 30-40 year old the age paragraph in maiden man, about 1/4 remain place male, this also is Japan Yaramiso of a term appears in catchword (asexuality lives 30 years old male) reason.

Will report on June 9 according to BBC website, and the another research investigation of Japan earth, capital construction, traffic and travel department also shows, came 1995 between 2010, japanese 24-30 year old the age paragraph maiden man strength increased 10% .

Japan in recent years economic depression is considered as increasing big man to remain handle male account.

Afp quote marriage loves expert board to silver coin originally child (Yoko Itamoto) the analysis thinks, japan is some closer year of economy that come is fatigued and weak let a lot of males pay heavy price, they find the job of full-time stability very hard, a lot of men did not have economic actual strength, also let them lose confidence to oneself.

More and more males feel the relationship cannot be established on affection and body with the female.

Report, wine well grand of 41 years old is the person that the opposite sex is loved, healthy, have very good job and attractive smiling expression, still be in up to now however male.

He says: I never girlfriend, not be my disinclination, actually I was full of the affection that admire to the female, how to but I do not know namely,take the right path.

The gender is not popular

Report, although do not have the exact data between reliable international,come evidence, but as a whole, japanese people is sexual life in the developed country so not active.

The findings 2010 shows, japanese 18-19 year old male youth 68% professing still is to be in male, and of the same age covers production by safety the investigation that continent place makes Si Zaiou discovers Shang Dulei, europe is the same as the age paragraph place male proportion is a lot of smaller.

Only the youth of 20% is in for example Germany year remain when 20 years old completely place male, comparing conservative Turkey relatively, age of of the same age paragraph point man number also is occupied only 37% .

The blame that pays close attention to problem of disabled sexual life seeks profits charity organizes white hand (White Hands) chief slope claw is true I (Shingo Sakatsume) say, japan is a very contradictory society, although a lot of TV, caricature, city markets are full of move and sex everywhere on the road related image, but the earnest discussion about the gender is very few however.

Today's Japan we understand a sex without the place at all, how does study establish romantic relationship.

The person that organization of white now hand does not have physical disabilities for the body also open learn a class, the body that understands the opposite sex for them offers an opportunity.

Wine well grand began to join from last year place male study a courtyard (Virgin Academia) , organic meeting knows body structure of the female through human body sketch.

Although these are right he is very helpful, but he still is unsure,oneself can stride the most crucial that one stride.

He says from ridicule ground: Need not so pessimistic, after all, the body that holds Tong Nan won't want my lot again.

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