Is ancestral home country returned first after Aobama assumes a president Kenyan: ? Does Li account cast?

China News Service makes an appointment with the Si Bao inside writing report is comprehensive on July 20 message: The month will visit American president Aobamaben later on Kenya of East Africa country, this also is the ancestral home country that this returns first after he is elected as a president. To the son of this Kenya, local people somebody expresses to welcome, somebody will start processional protest, also somebody hopes Aobama can bring a few support more.

Aobama is president of descendants of the first Africa of American, his father Laoba pulls the economist that Keaobama is Kenya. In Aobama 21 years old when, old Aobama encounters traffic accident dies unfortunately, the bury after dying builds the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces in birthplace division (Kogelo) . Aobama ever had visited here, be in oneself memoir " the dream that comes from my father " in allude this matter. Enter in him advocate before the White House, local elementary school still name senatorial Balakeaobama elementary school. Elementary school of abstruse Ba Ma is current and extremely shabby, children still are using broken desk to rot stool attends class. When accepting media to interview, a teacher of this elementary school says: We think, american government should take a few support at least.

After Aobama is elected as a president, with a ha pull to scattering with before two visits of south Africa continent, did not visit Kenya because of reason, this also lets Kenya people thank disappointment, think they are ignored by Aobama. A lot of african also have this kind of feeling, think although Aobama has been tenure of office of the 2nd president, but do not have a help to African development. People of a Kenya expresses: Look in me, he resembles our african far from. He connects a building even here or the business is done not have.

American official shows, say Aobama ignores African inequity, because the United States helps West Africa beat back,dust rich plays epidemic situation, invested billions of dollar for Africa in electric power respect. Nevertheless, international media thinks, these American investment help Africa build infrastructure with China, build highway, railroad and airport photograph to compare, it is negligible really. Become American president in Aobama just about 2009, china exceeds the United States to become Africa the largest trade is companionate.

Aobama conveyed the travel to this Kenya, Ethiopia last week expect: My hope is we deliver a message: The United States is the partner with powerful Kenya not only, also be Sahala with the associate of south Africa continent. The key that his visit visits is medical treatment, education and fear waiting instead, can not answer Kegailuo to visit. To this, his aunt expresses: Our gate is met the all the time is in open wide to Aobama, he is our family member.

Local media coverage says, aobama is mixed besides the flower in what Kenya receives applause, the likelihood still has protest. It is reported, have the naked big parade that turns over homosexual organization to plan to arrive at eve to hold 5000 men and womens to attend in the Luobi inside the capital in Aobama. To this, kenya " the nation signs up for " print sent a problem to be " Aobama takes the world Kenya, do not want embarrass so he " news analyst article, become this very quickly to sign up for a website to click highest article. The article initiates: If you have cleverer or more cogitative word should say, so wai

ted for them to go to say again please. To this, kenya congressman also indicates approval: When the gues

t comes, we had better not the raise outside family scandal. (Be over)