Japan enters air temperature of intense heat of summer to climb litre of violent storm to sweep across much ground successively

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According to day intermediary report, card of billow of the 11st typhoon passes through 17 days this month this year Japanese Shikoku area, arrived at ridge hill in the morning that day near city of prefectural storehouse apply, land Japan again. Current, the typhoon already brought about this country 2 people die 1 person is missing, additionally 16 people get hurt.

According to day intermediary report, by high-pressure enclothed Japanese a chain of islands 25 days of air temperature rise, spot of

50 much office appeared the day of intense heat of summer that highest air temperature exceeds 35 to spend, occurrence air temperature of 540 much place amounts to the midsummer day of 30 degrees of above. And on the other hand, the northeast area air that suffers frontal surface effect is flabby, rain heavily.

According to message of Japanese weather office, highest that day air temperature appears be in city of group of Qi of situation of equestrian county Yi, amount to 37.4 degrees. jade county rebukes cereal city amounts to 37.1 degrees, city of ridge of abundant of arms library county amounts to 37 degrees,

Northeastern region, because warm wet air current collects the frontal surface that reachs boreal Japan into Japanese sea, ding of house of corner of city of north of celestial being of autumn cropland county arrives when observation of the world midday horary the strong rainfall of 61 millimeter. Cliff hand county also encountered with He Ding on the west horary the strong rainfall of 41 millimeter.

Occupy a story additionally, the 12nd strong typhoon crosses region of a poetic name of China 26 days morning local time this year on the west the maritime space of side, be close to Nagasaki county. Weather office says, big island of area of a poetic name of China and cover beauty enter stormy area, rainfall of 24 hours will achieve 120 millimeter.

Typhonic center passes through at yesterday evening Okinawa this island, local time now morning 7 when, typhonic center is located in southwest of city of Qi of Nagasaki county pillow 130

kilometers, with horary the rate that 25 kilometers influence moves north, the biggest wind speed is every second 30 meters.

Predicting typhoon center will tomorrow before dawn enters Japanese sea from hill shade coastal waters, become depression.

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