Blessing island gives birth to an abnormity " double head " chrysanthemum doubt is affected to suffer nuclear leak (graph)

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Incident of leak of nucleus of Japanese blessing island has gone more than 4 years, whether is local environment improved somewhat as the elapse of time? Not long ago, netizen of a Japan publishs the photograph of chrysanthemum of a group of mutation in gregarious website, what cause people to pollute bequeath problem to blessing island nucleus again is anxious.

Japanese netizen @san_kaido is being pushed go up especially issuance photograph shows, it is among tuft chrysanthemum, have a few branches double head flower was born on beautiful bine, maize stamen is divided into two half, the bee stays on normal flower only, do not agree however the chrysanthemum of double head of a few branches on the side of patronage.

End of client of Xin Huaguo border understands, of this group of photographs film the place needs saline former city then for wood county, distance blessing island makes an appointment with 110 kilometers, it is one of areas that are affected by incident of leak of blessing island nucleus.

The photograph travels quickly on the network.

Nevertheless, the scholar points out, this kind of chrysanthemum is not the child of nuclear radiation certainly, plant hormone also can bring about branch mussily or flower shows bunch to give birth to a phenomenon.

Double head chrysanthemum is not blessing mutation plant discovers first near the island. 2013, media ever had shown a

group of fantastic plant pictures, doubt is like is the mutation that happens after be polluted by radiation.

Since blessing island nuclear power plant produce

d nuclear leak accident in March 2011, 20 kilometers are delimited be forbidden zone all round nuclear power plant, major now area still does not have a person to enter.

The tourism of blessing island area also suffers severe impact accordingly. The data that Japanese sightseeing hall published a few days ago shows, the foreign tourist that visited blessing island county 2014 is only about 42 thousand person.

In addition, a few countries and area are right wood of Japanese blessing island and Ci city, , 1000 leaves, group the food of 5 counties town and produce made the nuclear calamity such as the horse severe entrance control measure.

Total bureau of Chinese country qualitative check was mixed in March 2011 will issue announcement continuously in April, prohibit from Japanese blessing island county, group county of county of county of form of equestrian county, wood county, Ci city county, Gong Cheng county, hill, new have diarrhoea, long wild county, Shan Li county, fine jade jade, east county of Kyoto, 1000 leaves, other to Japan be defeated China food, produce and feed undertake radioactivity material chroma detects, prevent to suffer radioactivity to pollute entrance of food agriculture products to reach China.

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