Phenanthrene just disregards aggressive history force to hold out Japan: China does not destroy day of phenanthrene relationship

The joint military exercise, give a war equipment, provide economic loan, this take turns of a series of formulas acts according to Japan go up to let not only Philippine fragrant heart exultation, also let its be sent more cherish and safeguard this

Japanese associate. Recently, chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs with respect to Japan afterwar report of 70 years of talks urges day to just make deep introspection, this one proper requirement however for no reason is offended will resent Philippinely, admonitory China does not destroy day of hum

ble to concern through uncovering old scar. And meanwhile, philippine instead China force also is in try to incite congress, with period the aggressive action that prevents China.

Chief of a tribe of the couplet that occupy A " thalassic news signs up for " will report on August 9, secretary of office of Philippine president news Aiminiaokeluoma (Herminio Coloma Jr. ) when interviewing, express what accepting DzRB of Philippine government broadcasting station, china must realise guest of Japanese He Fei law is strategic associate this one reality, the agreement between day humble two countries includes the many fields such as commerce, safety.

The report points out, this action is considered as Keluoma to be aimed at Hua Chunying of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs 7 days to answer the response that the reporter asks. Hua Chunying of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs brings times advance with respect to Japanese premier 3 private advisory orgnaizations are announced afterwar report of 70 years of talks answers when the reporter asks, express, we urge what day Founder is inspected and militarism of deep introspection Japan starts to invade China war, want to issue clarity and accurate information on warlike property and warlike liability issue especially, take neighbour of letter Yu Yazhou and international society with real operation.

" thalassic news signs up for " say, although Philippine get during World War II together with China the pain of Japanese aggression, but Keluoma claims, china tries to destroy day of phenanthrene relationship through uncovering old scar with its, be inferior to estimating him at present to be in a series of behavior of Nanhai. In view of day phenanthrene strategy partner concerns, we have the right to undertake cooperative on safe work. His say. In addition, keluoma earlies childhood, philippine the support that insists to solved the act of maritime conflict to had achieved international society through legal peace.

" Philippine star signs up for " point out at be the same as day of report, insist to claim in Keluoma the behavior such as the Chinese insular reef construction in Nanhai just is the cause that creates area insecurity situation when, su Ai of Philippine Ba Lun pulls aldermanic Zhang Qiaowei (Sherwin Gatchalian) also is inciting congress actively to prevent China to be opposite through all sorts of relations Philippine aggression. He emphasizes saying, no matter congress takes what action, must coordinate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs cooperate. Additional, zhang Qiaowei returns minatory opinion on public affairs of wanton and dispersed China to say: China spreads increasingly to the aggression of Nanhai, one day in island of course of study by them race to control also is not impossible.

In answer to this kind of absurd opinion on public affairs, philippine place and be stationed in the United States a few instead China the organization is preparing to will be in Ma Kadi city to be initiated below one round on August 30 instead China processional demonstrate activity.