Telangpu: Supportive United States employs ground armed forces to hit " Mohammedan country "

Will report on August 10 according to British Reuter, telangpu weighs candidate of president of American republic party 10 days, the extreme that his support employs American ground armed forces to hit middle east organizes Mohammedan country (IS) .

Telangpu is in Microsoft countrywide Broadcasting Corporation (of MSNBC) " good morning tall " (say on Morning Joe) program, need expedites American ground armed forces to hit IS. They have a lot of money, because they have oil, telangpu say.

He still says: My ge

neral cuts off the main source oil of their fortune. To achieve this goal, you must expedite ground armed forces. My general crackdown they, clutch their pharynx and larynx, use oil at our country.

Besides the oil income that cuts off IS, telangpu says to also want nip off IS to be in a bank systematic gold, but he did not show any detail.

Civilian attune shows, telangpu is in republic within the party the be

far ahead in competitor.