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In report will report new net integratedly on September 28, bureau of American space navigation (NASA) official net releases a message 27 days to say, will at time of American the eastpart part on September 28 morning 11 when 30 minutes (Beijing time 28 days of evening 23 when 30 minutes) the important science that announces concerned spark is explored discovers. Have here guess say, NASA was to discover an extraterrestrial probably, also the analysis thinks or was to discover liquid state water. However, the near future comes out again and again strange object appears on Martian photograph, the content that this also lets this NASA will be announced more complicated and confusing.

Detector of curious size spark is basked in with Martian rock group photo

Martian photograph shows crab

Martian photograph shows hut

NASA spark photograph shows expert of crab, scorpion to say is an illusion

This year in August, ca

r of spark of NASA curious size ever passed a piece of picture to show, the spot is a bumpy rock wall is mixed slant gules desert, but be discovered by the netizen however in wall of one place rock, a color slants orange object, have it seems that elliptic body surrounds with many of the body sufficient, about very resembling is crab or spider.

When proper environment suspects whether this is biology remains, shidake expresses desolate of an elder astronomer directly however impossible. He thinks this is so called Pareidolia, imagine sexual illusion namely, people meets means the thing that will see at will at the moment, the specific figure that connects to the heart place is maintained. Shidake still says desolate, this kind of thing can see every week.

What the thing seems to be like desolate history tower to overcome place to say really is same, be in in September, show in another piece of picture of curious size, martian ground is like the object that has tremendous scorpion figure. But this, UFO expert figures there should be life to exist on spark. This expert point

s out at the same time, he also discovers on other photograph, the structural style of appearance of a hut, the likelihood is staying in a lot of Martian inside.

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