Turkey path installs news agency to respond to: Photograph of refugee of 3 years old of Syria did not make a holiday

Login register Turkey of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to install news agency to respond to: Didn't photograph of refugee of 3 years old of Syria do false origin: ? Salary  ?2015-09-08 16:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Xinhua News Agency installs card to pull Turkey path will install phone recently on September 7 the photograph of small refugee of 3 years old of Syria that news agency releases causes the whole world to pay close attention to, and 7 days imagine this picture is mobile body, place taking the net note that makes a holiday is more a mighty uproar is raised on the net. To this, dispatch company accepts Daoantong the picture that when reporter phone is interviewed, expresses to him reporter films and be released is true picture, do not have make a holiday.

The remains of Ai Lan's elder brother lies on 100 meters of beach besides

Media person oppugns photograph cheat

The film person of the photograph, the press photographer Buddhist nun of dispatch company shows Daoantong phenanthrene Demier (Nilufer Demir) Turkey accepts before this " the republic signs up for " when interviewing, say: See small Ai Lan (Aylan) when remains, I astonish again difficult forward make a move, and before still a flock of Pakistan refugees prepare to use same way in those days, go to Greek.

When we witnessed that tragedy, realizing those who lie over still is a child that learn to speak, we very astonish, feel sadness for them. The best business that we can do, let people experience tragedy intuitionisticly namely occurrent. She says.

Demier says, the remains of the elder brother of small at that time Ai Lan lies on 100 meters of beach besides, the thing that their float can help go up in surface without any airjacket an

d so on on the body, the tragic that this piece of photograph behaves makes a person sob.

Press photographer of associat

ed press Turkey is Boer sweat (Burhan) tell a reporter: The message that comes from press photographer of Turkey of etc of Turkey military police makes clear, demier's photograph is not false, also did not have to remains any mobile. Tragedy is happening so namely, the reporter did not make a holiday. I believe the photograph does not have a problem.

Turkey " republic newspaper " press photographer Nijiadi expresses, do not put in the circumstance of mobile remains. Because there still is Turkey military police at that time attendant, won't allow a reporter to build a holiday to place pat. He still expresses to had seen the picture of the hereon job that Demier takes in other point of view, demier is true recorded the thing that produces at that time.

Still media person expresses, be developed at that time in the remains in the refugee of Shanghai beach, still have the elder brother of small Ai Lan, the dress that they wear is similar, possible meeting is considered as mobile remains by accident, the photograph makes a holiday.

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