Wheat increases findings of collapse of mosque tower crane to announce reason department to violate compasses operation

Xinhua net benefit is elegant on September 15 report (reporter Wang Bo) board of inquiry of accident of collapse of tower crane of big mosque of Saudi Arabia Mecca announced findings 15 days. Investigation shows, accident department violates compasses operation be caused by.

Findings report says, construction company did not undertake operating according to relevant provision, do not have below blast condition especially unused advocate condole arm is packed up, also did not adopt other any safety are on guard measure. Outside removing weather cause, construction company assumes partial responsibility.

According to findings, sanded especially kingly Saleman issues an order, prohibit company of this one construction will participate in any governmental projects again henceforth, build a project to have shutdown inspection to be in, prohibit its are main administrator leaves the country in order to accept investigation, the respons

ibility of the accident person responsibility of the criminal that be found out.

In the meantime, sa Leman king still announced the compensatory standard to accident victim. Will be opposite especially dene every victim family member and compensation of the person that cause lifelong deformity 1 million Liyaer (add up to 266 thousand dollar about) , the person that compensate for every injury 500 thousand Liyaer (add up to 133 thousand dollar about) .

11 days, a when increasing the construction inside mosque in wheat huge tower crane collapses suddenly, strike at the Moslem that religious activity is having inside the temple. So far, already 111 people death, 300 much people get hurt.

Outspread read: Tower crane of Mecca big mosque collapses 111 people die to dead number or video of instant

of collapse of tower crane of ascendant Mecca big mosque are watched or increase mosque because of wheat of violent storm be caused by collapse of huge tower crane sends 107 people to die 238 people are injured (graph)