Masses tail gas " discharge the door " incident makes progress: Presiding apparitor person selected is announced 25 days

Xinhua net Frankfurt special telegram will discharge door incident as a result of tail gas on September 23, chairman of board of directors of German people group holds presiding apparitor Martin concurrently Wentekeen announces resignation 23 days.

The individual that Wentekeen is publishing says in statement, the job that he produces to going a few days feels astonish. Regard people group board of directors as the chairman, he should is opposite the compasses that be violated by the masses derv engine of exposure discharges incident to be in charge of, offer resignation to supervision board consequently.

Wentekeen expresses: I do not think him err finishs sth, so do (abdication) it is to stem from company profit. The masses needs a new beginning, in

clude to be in human affairs respect.

It is reported, people group supervision board attended a meeting that day studied tail gas discharges door incident, new occurrences in human life appoints and dismisses decision general to be made on supervision board conference of 25 days.

Be aimed at Wentekeen to resign, kelisheer of vice-chairman of political parties and other organizations of parliament of German green party expressed that day, people group gained the opportunity that begins afresh.

It is Wentekeen of 68 years old to joined people group 1993, chairman of people group board of directors is held the position of to hold presiding apparitor concurrently since January 2007.

(Original title: The masses is presiding apparitor announces resignation)

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