Mu Lun dying recieves orders acceptance of empire of the masses that accept a control wins a letter in reply to allow for the masses

After false incident take the blame is being built to resign two days because of discharging in Wen Deen of CEO of masses automobile group, people group issues brand of the nimble when protecting to carry out Mu Lun of chairman of board of directors to replace Wen Deen to take up the post of CEO of masses automobile group by the banner surely at will be being knocked on September 25, at the same time the masses still announced his to brew quite long management framework adjusting, and subsequently and a series of high levels that come are brought into play. Occupy masses China additionally to release statement to show, the car of Tiguan of 1946 masses entrance that carried engine of experience matter diesel oil suffers the effect to this incident likely.

Acceptance wins a letter in reply to allow for the masses

Because masses derv engine is suspected of discharging,make a holiday, wen Deen of people group CEO will announce to assume all responsibility on September 23, resign one duty of CEO, people supervision board expressed to be able to announce new CEO person selected before Zhou Wu that day.

On Sep

tember 25, people group releases statement to express, appoint the new CEO that protects Shi Jie to carry out Mu Lun of chairman of board of directors to be a group formally, and the nimble when he also is protected part-time at the same time carries out chairman of board of directors one duty, until find likely successor. Appoint to this, interim chairman of supervision board of masses automobile group Bell expresses Beitehuoerdehu, mu Lun has strategy of extraordinary politic vision, company to just can be mixed communication ability, understand each brands below masses automobile group and banner very much, can throw in new job with all one's strength instantly.

Mu Lun also says: Current, my urgentest task is make right decision according to the current situation, win afresh with the most transparent means, establish the people trust to masses automobile group. Below my leader, masses automobile group will be built and implement the standard with automobile most rigid industry and administrative standard.

As we have learned, after high school graduates, the Mu Lun that is 62 years old enters Ao Dicheng to be trainee, in Munich application technical university learns the computer later, returned Ao Di again 1978, promote to a high office all the way Ao Di, Xiyate and product director of Lanbojini. 2007, become the product chief of people group. And from 2010 up to now, he holds the position of brand of the nimble when protecting to carry out chairman of board of directors all the time. On March 1, 2015, mu Lun is appointed to be masses automobile group to manage committee member.

Ma Di of chairman of union of German auto industry Yasiweisiman expresses 25 days when Frankfurt accepts media to interview, masses Motor Corporation violates compasses use tail gas to discharge hold controlling software is full of prunes, but the problem of individual business cannot have a problem on behalf of line of business of whole Germany car, also have nothing to do with itself of derv engine technology, german car line of business should not undergo unfair treatment for this.

Business of North America area changes blood

The masses derv engine that exposes by arrange of American environmental protection makes false event is the fuse that this human affairs adjusts, make the masses likely face the fine that is as high as 18 billion dollar not only, was to cause government of global each country to be opposite more the attention of this incident and investigation. This second people group shows, supervision board already passed resolution, will adjust a group to be in North America area business, send Si Ke to amount to Fanande of chairman of car board of directors to go to beautiful full-fledged member to be in charge of.

Express in statement, the United States, Mexico and Canadian market will be amalgamative become new North America area, since November 1, 2015, si Ke amounts to Fanande of chairman of car board of directors to will hold the position of the controller of area of North America of masses automobile group, will become masses car brand to manage directorate member.

The accept of Mei Bo of executive directorate member that is in charge of keeping sale of Shi Jie joint-stock company and market sale will replace Fanande to hold the position of Si Ke to amount to chairman of car board of directors. The Michael Er suddenly favour that is 52 years old will continue hold the position of masses automobile group (the United States) the president holds CEO concurrently.

As we have learned, fanande of 58 years old is holding the position of Si Ke to amount to CEO of China of masses of predecessor of chairman of car board of directors, ever guided the masses to walk out of in China sales volume is low confused predicament, accomplished the masses is in nowadays China the position of sales volume champion.

Numerous brand recombines below people standard

As decision-making as above the still the masses brews long already management pattern adjustment that announces at the same time. Be in early this year in June, had passed a people group to plan the message that recombines the brand below the banner, dan Chi did not get the government affirm behindhand.

This second, people group shows, administrative general with modular platform undertakes adjustment to direct. Modular the characteristic of platform is in different model (the quantity produces car, luxurious car, racing bike, commercial vehicle) on implementation technology standardization.

Accordingly, benefit of the nimble when protecting, guest, Bujiadipin the characteristic of the buy in racing bike model and engine establishs card general foundation group of racing bike business. Modular platform strategy will get the attention with group more close CEO, an independent branch will hold water and be in charge of this job.

Ao Di, Lanbojini and Dukadi already formed business group before this, because this still maintains existing operation framework. Project of ministry of popular lorry career, power and financial service business maintain existing operation framework likewise.

Additional, the masses that is engaged in estimating production yield a car (horizontal buy engine is modular platform) , the card all has Xiyate and Sikedapin to represent group of selected masses automobile to manage a board of directors, and exert oneself simplifies board of directors of management of masses automobile group organizes a framework, disband a group to produce a section.

The people expresses, the administrative function of the group pays attention to promotion efficiency more, face future to develop a tendency, accordingly, will establish group product politic, new business, collaboration and accuse, car couplet net, environmental protection discharges the constituent branch such as management.

In addition, what be adjusted as the orgnaization and come is a series of new occurrences in human life appoint, the concept difference that organizes the extended program that the framework adjusts and business strategy side as a result of the group among them, kelingele will leave the member of administrative board of directors that masses automobile group is in charge of sale and market sale instantly company, predecessor chairman Sidakeman of Xiyate will the duty that its regard replace as member of committee of masses brand management.


Make false door or involve 1946 cars of Chinese

Yesterday evening, masses China releases statement to express, via checking discovery by masses automobile group (China) 1946 entrance, masses that carried engine of 4 crocks of EA189 derv import Tiguan car, be affected likely. Current, whether is masses car belonging to the car category that is affected really with checking these car in urgent investigation, this company will be in announce findings for a short while and appropriate processing.

Statement expresses, the masses is aimed at 4 crocks of the EA189 that embarks in specific model derv violate in engine compasses use special software be related to undertaking investigating with all one's strength. According to Shanghai the masses and one steam - popular is produced and sell a record, this incident does not involve masses automobile group to be in China all products that the joint ventures is produced and sell. And other trademark is sold in China below group division or manufacturing model all did not carry this engine.


The masses lets consumer do not believe derv car

The scandal that the masses uses cogged device to answer tail gas to detect still is fermenting, discharge door scandal, what domino may overturn?

The masses is installed on derv car by exposure after cogged device detects with answering American car tail gas to discharge, the United States and Europe superintend a branch to express, discharge the tail gas that strengthens all pair of cars detect.

In many European countries that take environmental protection seriously, derv car is more welcome than benzine car. Discharge the door to appear to make clear, derv car needs complex tail gas to handle installation, if this one device is shut, its contaminant discharges a likelihood to exceed bid badly. The personage inside a few course of study and media think, this damaged consumer to trust to

the whole of derv trick-cycling art. According to Xinhua News Agency (Leng Yu of capital times reporter)