Europe boat bureau: The UFO will drop into earthly aerosphere body of doubt rocket incomplete

[round-the-world net reports] Russia satellite network on October 30 bureau of cite Europe spaceflight (ESA) website message says, one UFO will drop into earthly aerosphere on November 13. ESA this unidentified object names for WT1190F or WTF, judge its to may be an aerospace fragment, it is doubt seems rocket incomplete style specifically more.

ESA website message says, WTF predicts Yugelinnizhi time will enter earthly aerosphere 6:19 on November 13, the remains after with earthly atmosphere attrition burns will drop to be apart from sri lanka to make an appointment with maritime space of 10 thousand meters the indian ocean partly. ESA thinks: Will tell to the scientist, this is rare opportunity, but promotional celestial bodies of pair of celestial body man-made

and natural celestial bodies- - the understanding with earthly atmosphere interaction. Observation and aerosphere of reentrance of research celestial body will be he

lpful for improving orbit model and aerosphere reentrance tool, still can be used at studying close ground celestial body by the scientist, wait like the attenuation of man-made spherical orbit such as natural asteroid, satellite.

Ka Telin of university of American Arizona state studies the group discovered WTF first 2013 in graceful sky, subsequently for many times observation arrives this object. WTF is the 3 aerospace rubbish that grow to 6 feet about, with be not a circle prejudicial contrail circles ground circuit 3 weeks every.