Day security proposed law " full moon " the people holds assembly to protest (graph)

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According to day intermediary report, the public opinion poll of a Japan that morning sun news agency carried out with phone means a few days ago shows, is relevant act, answer assentient is 36% , far 49% what object under the answer.

According to the report, in security relevant law holds water full 19 days of a month, the Japanese citizen party that opposes security law held remonstrant activity before congress. Relevant organization already decided a few days ago, hencefor

th 19 days every months, can undertake appealing abolish continuously the action of this law.

Japanese people protests.

The assembly that day began partly at 6 o'clock afternoon from local time, the crowd flooded the footpath before congress. People loudly appeal to the public: Abolish immediately the warlike doctrine, premier that we do not need to attempt to start a war.

The Yue Minxiong that comes from plain county of Japanese god Nai (68 years old) express: Who to entrust, nowadays already is to need everybody the course is cogitative the times that puts into practice again. Although hold to,not be an easy thing, but the hope can sound before congress continuously.

On the other hand, a of morning sun news agency civilian attune shows, the supportive rate that brings times cabinet is 41% , compared with the result of countrywide urgent public opinion poll that will carry out in September 35% rise somewhat. And this do not support rate criterion for 40% .

Day intermediary points out, install rate of times ministerial support to be in the Japanese public opinion poll this year May 45% . It is this since May, supportive rate exceeds 40% again.

In investigation, about whether supporting the safe and relevant bill that will hold water in September, the person that the answer endorses is 36% , the person that the answer opposes is occupied 49% .

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