Mongolia seek is become " permanent neutral " shun international problem stand in line

Rich person pays close attention to the information that Mongolia country seeks hope for success to be permanent neutral recently. To compatriots character, mongolia country is geographical go up not distant, appear however more stays in historical memory and good imagination. Pass through the veil of permanent neutral, we or it is OK to make more close quarters ground unscrambles this northern near neighbor.

Why indifferent?

Mongolia country searchs hope for success to be permanent neutral basically is from national security and diplomatic decompression two respects consider. Above all, mongolia country is a country that safety of devoid national defence feels. Mongolia serves as in two big countries surround Russia the landlocked nation under, although will see can weigh big country from land area, but underpopulated, economic progress level is inferior, count an import badly, natural and gutty the safe and self-abased feeling that cannot cast off, add the with two countries kink associate with on the history, mongolia country is right in Russia is having complex complex love hate.

On the history, the powerful effect that Mongolia country ever was in Russia is controlled even under. On century in 60 time revive the relation worsens and form pair of stand erect hind, su Jun is garrisoned in great quantities Mongolia. The data shows, be stationed in Mongolia 150 thousand person is

amounted to when Su Jun is most, occupy about at that time 8% of Mongolia compatriots mouth, the military affairs that formed pair

of Mongolia actually is occupational. Have person even, in those days Russia ever still was in secretly Mongolia country deploy nuke. These become Mongolia country to fluctuate hard the psychological shadow of flick away.

As a result of the historical origin with China, mongolia country is not little the person still puts apprehension to China up to now. In the meantime, some closer year come, promote ceaselessly as Chinese comprehensive strength, trade of the classics side Meng Shuang concerns to develop deep in, china becomes the commerce associate with Mongolia the biggest country and state of source of the mainest investment already. Original, chinese development and close together in unconscious relation is had to promoting Mongolia country economy tremendous urge action, but, not be all Mongolia compatriots relation development is cheated to develop in Lejian, country of Mongolia of concern of a few politician is depended on to China too much and harm oneself state security.

Mongolia country go up oneself century since the transition at the beginning of 90 time, in take seriously while with two big neighbour development concerns, positive development is the same as the relation of the 3rd neighbour such as beautiful, day, Han, Europe, pursue all-around, much fulcrum, equidistance, nonaligned diplomacy concept, try to search a balance between each country, in order to acquire an interest the biggest change.

Here setting falls, the foreign policy backside of Mongolia country often is having the color that big country rich weichis. Only since this year, big country leader comes to visit in succession, indian premier Mo Di will be visited in May unconscious, german president is overcome high this month and firm end of Japanese premier An Beigang is visited unconscious. This a few countries of leader call in to all be thought promising is disrelished into what often play a bank note.