Talk of day Han head plans to will be held on November 2 whether break deadlock to draw attention

Will report on October 27 according to Japanese NHK TV station, japanese government and Korea government already reached unanimous decision, will hold what in leader of Sino-Japanese Han the Three Kingdoms the peak can hold the next day day of Han Shou head to talk on November 2.

According to the report, premier of Chinese premier Li Kejiang, Japan brings times advance 3 and Korea president Piao Jinhui will hold leader of the Three Kingdoms to talk on November 1. At the appointed time, the peak can plan to publish a the Three Kingdoms collective and enunciative, still undertaking be harmonied finally now.

Government of classics day Han talks things over, the decision will be in at 2 days an Er hold day of Han Shou head to talk alone, this will become day of Han Zi since May 2012 when lie between 3 years of head of half to t

alk, be also to install times talk first with what Piao Jinhui undertakes.

Install times improve day of Han Guan of purpose through head talk is, he says, because be neighbour, just can difficult problem exists, the entrance door that should hold a conversation is opened wide. The report says, though such, in comfort the problem that install Fu, domanial problem, produce classics news head Er branch grows to be sued to wait for difficult problem to go up, day Han bilateral position is different, and talk this whether pendent case compares notes improve a relation to become fix eyes upon a focus. Also Han Fang's official e

xpresses, the head that is second iciness this likely talks. [round-the-world net reports reporter Ma Li]