Prodigy of 17 years old of foreign citizen of Chinese origin works 8 years old to attend a college into NASA (graph)

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According to the electron when Taiwan is medium the newspaper will report on November 3, reckon many students of 17 years old still may be in think what to should do in the future, a prodigy of 17 years old of foreign citizen of Chinese origin already had the bachelor's degree of two universities however, now more the American aerospace bureau that enters everybody express one's admiration (NASA) the job.

Prodigy of 17 years old of foreign citizen of Chinese origin triumphant Xiao Hu (Moshe Kai Cavalin) (the data purs


This prodigy triumphant Xiao Hu (Moshe Kai Cavalin) be one mongrel, father is a Brazilian, the mother is a Taiwanese, 8 years old read institute of Dong Luosha Ji, 11 years old become complete beauty's youngest bachelor to be graduated from California university los angeles cent school.

Xiao Hutai of NASA past Ce

ng Yinkai is young, reject to use him, but the decision hires him to be a trainee recently. He predicts to enter originally this year assiduously study Bulandisi (the network safety Master on net of Brandeis University) university. Because want to work for NASA,do not pass, he decides temporary delay period of time, research the monitoring technology of plane and unmanned aircraft.

Triumphant Xiao Hu arrives 8 years old to attend a college all the time, never step campus formally. But besides study is in the home, he shows outstanding talent to each domain, enter 37 wushu race, pot is filled up with entire room, bear the palm countless. Tiger of triumphant filial piety just published the 2nd his book, relate the story of bully approach, now year more license plate of air man of plan pass an entrance examination.

And he comes to an end in NASA job hind, the plan finishs Bulandisi after the Master course of the university, go Masschusetts Institute of Technology assiduously studies business Master, company of security of a network is offerred later. Face the achievement of all these, triumphant Xiao Hu is mention lightly says only: I won't be compared with other. I just endeavor to accomplish best.

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