Strike of staff of unit of company of German Chinese Sha evens more 900 airliners suffer an effect


e message will occupy Beijing of center extensive network on November 9 economic sound " the world finance and economics " report, german Chinese Sha expresses, because multiply Wu,personnel goes on strike and 929 airliners week is affected.

Airline of German Han Sha (Lufthansa) expresses 6 days local time, because unit staff holds the strike, this company will cancel 290 scheduled flights later that day.

Chinese Sha aviation says in statement, this company staff books Yugelinweizhi time 6 days afternoon 1 when strike of 9 hours when spread out, will affect peace treaty of Frankfurt and airport of husband of Du Sai path thirty-seven thousand five hu

ndred passenger seizes the opportunity.

Chinese Sha aviation says, labour union of the member that independent to this company sky is taken (UFO) reachs Du Sai in Frankfurt the decision that path husband airport launchs the strike feels regretful.