Flower intermediary: Revive

England " weekly of matters pertaining to defense of brief family name " the website will publish a problem to be on November 26 " presently revive - the communication equipment of 24 is shown to be to bring about its by the reason of down " the report says, russia message personage tells IHS group of information of brief family name, on November 23 by the Russia of Turkey down revive - the radio warning that the aircrew of 24M fencer fighter-bomber cannot hear earthy air force to give out probably.

Turkey authorities claims, this plane gives out the time introversion that ever was in 5 minutes 10 times to warn. The air man that survives nevertheless ever will tell Russia media on November 25, he and pilot did not receive admonitory signal. Pilot is beaten dead by area armed member when parachute jumping.

The report says, familiar revive - the Russia expert of broadcasting station of the R-862 that 24M place uses VHF says, this broadcasting station needs to increase installation one chooses the reception of outfit module ability receives UHF (ultrahigh frequency) with VHF (VHF) frequency paragraph lash-up channel blasts off. This one module makes of the lash-up signal of megahertz of stationary use UHF121.4 and VHF243 megahertz receive harvest to be a likelihood, and do not be clear that this is worn revive - whether did 24M fighter-bomber install additional lash-up channel to receive module. If the radio equipment on the plane did not install this one module really, or aircrew was not obtained those who use this module is proper groom, so the warning that they perhaps did not receive Turkey air force to give out really.

The report says, return somebody to allude, revive - the relatively outmoded navigation system on 24M fighter-bomber means it to perhaps did not take care to enter Turkey territorial air by accident.

To revive - the doubt of ability of the equipment on 24M fighter-bomber makes a person be interested quite, nevertheless this kind of doubt has some of not to the point probably. Russia already it certain the canal in the modernest sky accuses and communication system deploy arrived Syria, include its newest 96L6 telemonitoring radar. These equipment add in, aux will be able to offers the excellent position of all pair of planes that move at this area to feel ability for the Russia army in Syria. Although revive - 24M may not receive any warnings, but the position that personnel commands not to know their plane in Russia sky or the warning that did not receive cubic meter of earth, it is impossible it seems that however.

Besides Turkey Xiang Su - outside the specific warning that 24M issues, cubic meter of earth still protests Russia to the plane stands by the rebel army of border land for bomb and encroach its territorial air continuously again and again. Do not know why reason, what Russia uses is to get the better of the plane that assumes this job and weapon least of all: Revive - 24 reach bomb of blame control and guide. Revive - 24 it is a when design during cold war block bomber that with supersonic speed irruptive and hostile territorial air launchs attack to the target after forward position, it in the sky is not border of a may quick turnover to assist opportunity for combat of l

ittle scope airspace for nothing nearly. Bomb of use blame control and guide is met aggravate this problem, because they need,from stable platform emissive ability achieves fixed accuracy rate. Accordingly revive - 24 opportunity for combat will must traverse the rebel army position that the Hadayi with the long and narrow Turkey that blow of ability of Turkey territorial air extends Syria to pull Dajiya to save saves two side.

The report says, the view according to him Turkey, 17 seconds stayed only in earthy territorial sky when Russia plane cross breaths out tower Yi to in the sky be saved. This for a short while the window is so brief, so that Turkey makes hot season far from possibly it seems that,attack to often pass through the deliberate high-level decision of the Russia opportunity for combat of its territorial air. F-16 battleplan air

man is only probably inside this one brief time window ability is atttacked revive - 24M, because he understands Russia plane completely what to will do, can plan oneself charge leisurely ahead of schedule consequently, in revive - a missile is used instantly after 24M enters Turkey to lead (probable it is AIM-9 rattlesnake missile) the lock decides the other side. Missile just may hit it after Russia opportunity for combat returns Syrian territorial air completely. (compile / Cao Wei country)