Because Thailand man is fat because reduce weight,mock doubt by the friend excessive death

The intermediary outside occupying reports 20 days, thailand a man because the body is fat, often make fun of by friend colleague, then resolved reduce weight, but because reduce weight,cross violent meet one's death.

The report says, this man name is Suliya, 56 years old, it is a teacher. Because he is mocked

by the friend the body is fat, reduce weight with respect to determination, reject all fat things, eat vegetable and fruit only at ordinary times. Somebody ever saw its had complained very tired, say he looks a bit effort of soft is done not have.

Suliya goes to a hospital having a medical check-up subsequently, although weight is decreased,issued 10-15 kilogram, but the doctor tells him oneself has diabetic, high blood pressure, want him the attention is healthy, reduce weight moderately.


's son says, accident the day before yesterday, after he and father exercise the body together, see father rests to 2 buildings room, also do not see till in the morning father leaves a floor, go upstairs beat long door, also do not see father open the door. Suliyajiao gets father to produce accident probably, swing open a door, in entering a room, discover father has died.

Legal medical expert checks its remains, did not discover any traumatic, police is investigating cause of death, suspicion is to had reduced weight fierce, its body does not bear and deadly.