Philippine hair fears raiding a warning 19 provinces city is labelled " area of 3 class danger "

According to Philippine media coverage, philippine police points out, as the advent of Christmas season, special superintendency committee is aimed at subordinate of Philippine country Committee on Information many more Philippine the area releases horror to assault a warning. Include travel resort long beach island, cling to pull the 19 provinces town that visits an island inside to be labelled area of 3 class danger.

How does the police chief ask 3 Bao Yan city in case blocks sago collect (Angelito Casimiro) express, on conference November 26, committee is aimed at will issue minatory warning in December, involve 3 treasure colour many areas.

This is evaluated is to be based on national information board (NIB) confidential documentation. NIB is Philippine state information harmonious bureau (NICA) the advisory sex orgnaization that belongs to.

Kaximiluo expresses, as a result of,terroristic minatory warning is high level is, receive continuously include to be in A Busha Eve (Abu Sayyaf) country of Mo Luo of revolting organization of organization and Moslem is Mohammedan free fighter (BIFF) the report that plans to start assault and kidnap to blackmail the action.

The basis is evaluated, share include cling to pull look (Palawan) , long beach island (Boracay Island) , 3 Bao Yan city (Zamboanga City) , Xibuge is saved (Zamboanga Sibugay) , elder brother is hit cling to ask city (Cotabato) , gigantic harbor (Palembang) , Jidapa

In addition, as a result of christmas drawing near, philippine people swarms into Manila cosmopolitan, do not eliminate to have make trouble of terrorist Jie engine. Because this evaluates report report to return Manila cosmopolitan (Metro Manila) label 2 class dangerous area, terroristic minatory grade is spent in be faced with.

Medan old island western spokesman of military region headquarters expresses, although have information orgnaization,express to have the menace of horrible assault. But the army won't loosen vigilance. We are executing uninterrupted operation all the time, prevent horrible organization to carry out the action, eradicate them.

Philippine army expresses, pursueing and attack illegal armed organization continuously while, the security personnel that can cooperate police to strengthen relevant area jointly works.


t and beautiful of 3 Lv of mayor of Bao Yan city (Isabelle Climaco-Salazar) express, (3 Bao Yan city) all polices, army and execute the law personnel must maintain high vigilance. What is no matter browbeat,of our country, we should ensure we maintain vigilance to prevent any jobs that produce possibly.


Before this, according to Japanese media coverage, force of politics of college of industry of grain of Singapore southern Asia and expert of terroristic international research center Gunalatena (Rohan Gunaratna) express, mohammedan country (IS) horrible organization has the venture that fears raiding is started in the Asia. IS publicizes a purpose to achieve, can be found out and brought to justice very likely during christmas more.

The warning weighs Gunalatena, include Philippine, Thailand, Malaysia inside the foothold that waits for many Asias country to have IS and IS proponent. IS is opposite a batch to train Asianly with finishing even, the country that allows them to return them is started fear raiding.