Woman jail prison alarm force hundreds female convict uncovers inside story of female convict life for prostitute

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The Er of Luo Wei of jail of completely beautiful the oldest woman that is located in Florida city (this Lowell) week is exposed to the sun to give corrupt scandal by media, jail alarm regard hundreds female convict as the hooter, coerce they walk the street in order to exchange primary life goods and materials, protection or award, prison official still earns money through contrabanding cigarette and drugs.

" Miami pioneer signs up for " 14 days of reports say, the reporter is in go one year interviewed many 30 are in or once was in the convict of serve a sentence of prison of Luo Wei Er, examine evaluated record of jail of thousands of page. Findings shows, locked up in this in the giant jail of 2696 female convict, jail alarm also be convict, go 10 years, here is full of corrupt, torment and sex to mistreat.

Female convict people complain say, punish teachs personnel to go up to their face gob, menace hits them, still say they are hooter, bitch and lanai monkeys. No matter official of male and female, all use influence to coerce convict and they have sex, undertake act indecently towards, exchange the elementary necessities such as toilet paper, soap and sanitary towel with this.

Showed to the file between 2015 2011, female convict complains those sexua

l behavior to happen in bathroom, toilet, washhouse to mix be on duty station. Sometimes jail alarm still enter prison house in the late night, take female prisoner to the jail remote region.

Female convict breaths out suddenly (Crystal Harper) expresses, if they are informed against,be raped, can be taken the independent prison house that controls to 4 square metre closes confinement, do not give any articles for daily use, or it is to confiscate finance affairs, prohibit visit a prisoner of relatives and friends.

Major female convict complies with jail alarm order about, feel they have no alternative, a few people regard this kind of sexual behavior as live problem, exchange cigarette, drugs and money with this, still can have the reward such as cosmetic and perfume sometimes.

Ever was in the ell of this prison serve a sentence graceful (Ginjer Ullman) says, she is taking 6000 dollars to leave Caire dimension Er, these money are she and jail alarm make love and write to doleful man gain. But she says, oneself do not have move of a bit victory, we are prey, mix like a lion a flock of antelope. Here is the perfect grow virgin soil of the person that the gender is invaded.

County of the favour in the horse surprises in chief assistant inquisitor Wei (Ric Ridgway) points out, the sexual behavior that happens in jail of collect dimension Er is similar to walk the street, a lot of complaining have sufficient reason, a lot of occurrent things break the law apparently, but measure its to have much more rampant and special difficulty. Photograph as a result of the monitoring in this jail very few like the head, bring about can refer a court without enough evidence.

Investigation still points out, prison of jail of collect dimension Er alarm income level is very low, had done not have raises 8 years continuously, the administrator that has experience for the most part turns to local police orgnaization to wait for the working station with better pay. This makes the person that more does not have experience or life get into trouble stays in state prison, many jail alarm the bootlegger in leaning in the jail sells cigarette and drugs to earn money.

Be in early 2006, jail of collect dimension Er is judged to be unture, but have two case

only since then alarm be sued because of improper sexual behavior, two average per capita were not convictioned. The case of a predecessor of this jail is long divulge, the morality of jail staff member of at least 40% rots be suspected of corrupt behavior.

New warden elder brother pauses (Angela Gordon) says when answering these complaining, there perhaps are a few bad apples in the jail, but still be good person holds great majority, jail whole moves well.

Buddha city punish teachs ministry minister Jones to make a statement say, will complete self-criticism " Miami pioneer signs up for " the disturb accusation that put forward, adopt appropriate action to find out the responsibility that has misfeasance individual. (Be over)

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