Japanese feed hall " to take care of employee mood " restful night rejects to recieve sweethearts

In report will occupy new network on December 22 outside intermediary report, will come as christmas, many businessmen, dining-room can roll out all sorts of activities to hope to be able to attract a customer, also many sweethearts can choose to spend the romantic world of 2 people to dining-room, but Japan has a dining-room to its and go instead however, reject sweethearts to come that evenin

g in restful night have dinner.

The dining-room of an Italian face of 8 princely city of Japanese, an announcement of a piece of yellow is stuck to be written outside inn, wanted the employee mood that go to work, mood that day for attend to, because this did not accept a group of any sweethearts that day in restful night,come inn have dinner.

Many service line of busine

ss are in specific festival cannot off, let a lot of employee do not have method to date in these festivals and other in part, because this is in to this dining-room the special provision of restful night, let big favor of not little netizen this dining-room is really close to employee.

Original title: To take care of hall of feed of employee mood Japan restful night rejects to recieve sweethearts