Number of user of Indian mobile phone exceeds 1 billion whole worlds the 2nd official: Very proud

According to " Indian times " will report on December 30, the data that believes ma

nagement board 30 days to announce shows Indian report, up to by October, user of Indian mobile telephone exceeds 1 billion person first, after making this country becomes afterwards China the 2nd nation that reachs this one milestone.

Ravi Shankar Prasad of minister of ministry of technology of Indian information communication says: We are very proud to this. He expresses, mobile phone user exceeds 1 billion to show India to develop flourishing, will promote the development of digital

India energetically.

The report says, because the smartphone is in Indian price is lower and lower, the telephone bill also is in drop ceaselessly, the person that has a smartphone is increasing.

Original title: First exceed number of user of Indian mobile phone 1 billion whole world is ranked the 2nd