Be put to death especially dene priest data: Ever went to Iranian study 10 years to criticize Iranian selfishness

[round-the-world times reports integratedly] Moslem of assorted leaf clique Nimuerbakaernimuer, the tension that causes sand of big country of two middle east to be had no 20 years with Iran especially unexpectedly concerns. Why does Nimuer come so big energy? Zan Tao of expert of research of problem of Beijing University Turkey tells 4 days " round-the-world times " reporter, between the assorted leaf group with special sand, religious level of Nimuer is not very high, but he attributes public figure, often criticize sand spy government, not only name is big, in political very influential also power, personage of similar human rights or opposition.

The city of A made of baked clay Mi Ya that Nimuer was born in leaf of assorted of sand spy the eastpart part to send area of inhabit a region to build the province that mention a husband 1959, it is sanded religion of especially famous assorted leaf clique and opposition public figure. One's early years is in Nimuer home town study, the left and right sides headed for Iranian attend school 1980, lived nearly 10 years over, syrian study is gone to again after, returned sand spy 1994.

Nimuer is in toleration of sand spy advocate, antagonize sand spy royal family, be sent a welcome consequently by assorted leaf, as nervous as authorities relation however. Nimuer criticizes sand spy government several degrees, demand government gives group of minority of assorted leaf clique more right. Sand spy police not only for many times subpoena Nimuer, still investigate in order to participate in for many times for politics, arrest him.

Common occurrence is almost for Yunimuer be apprehensioned. 2006, he enters a country from Bahrain meet with after sand is special brief detain. 2008, he publishs the opinion on public affairs that criticizes sand spy government to be arrested, build the province that mention a husband to still produce conflict event for this. 2009, nimuer is arrested because of ultra criticism opinion on public affairs again. Middle east condition is queasy 2011, he phonates publicly, support the person that oppose governmental put on a show of force especially dene, what hope to end sand spy royal family through peaceful way even is regnant.

2012, of Nayifu of the crown prince before Nimuer is special to sand, interior minister die feel unfixed, police of resistance of the person that appeal demonstrate. This irritates again sand spy government. The police hit Nimuer's ham in the action, capture its after. Walk out of jail gate before this Nimuer fails to resemble a few times in that way. Benefit of sand spy capital is incendiary and so elegant that a criminal court conflicted with incendiary denomination 2014, revolting, seek the charge such as foreign interpose, sentence Nimuer capital punishment.

Nimuer's relatives and friends discloses to media, nimuer is put to death astonishing, he supports peaceful put on a show of force, those who oppose any forms turn over governmental rough stuff, nimuer thinks to be given out to the government object sound wanting to compare a weapon more effective.

Vicki decodes the file that announce to show, when Nimuer and beautiful abroad made staff meeting 2008, try to cast aside the relation of oneself and Iran clear. He says, iran and other country are same, act selfishness, the assorted leaf group with special sand should not count on the support that gets Iran. Nimuer says, oneself devote oneself to fairness and free election, what object sand spy

strongly is absolute and regnant. Decode file general Nimuer 2 kinds of politician that Sha Tedong ministry saves described as. England " defend a newspaper " say, wife Mu Na of Nimuer was in new York 2012 a hospital dies of illness. She and cancer make a stand against are old, treat a disease to ever got the capital of sand spy government supports to the United States.

" Sydney pioneer morning paper " say 4 days, nimuer is sand spy the eastpart part the assorted part of a historical period that gets respect fully appoints chief. The warning of his person that be considered as to be opposite any is in to appeal reform and political freedom especially dene to death. Of Nimuer also prove Xiepamusilin is in assorted to suffer discrimination especially dene to death.

Public opinion analysis thinks, in eye of sand spy authorities, put to death the 4 assorted part of a historical period that includes Nimuer inside sends Moslem,

partial reason is for the abdicate Buddhist nun to domestic be in the majority the clique makes clear, on political force incident, the person that be found out and brought to justice no matter comes from what faction, government treat equally without discrimination. A safe analyst that is close to sand spy Home Office says: The government faces enormous pressure, they punish these people, include all base to organize a member, all bringing about sanguinary person.

(Original title: Storm is lifted to once went after priest is dead especially dene Iran learns 10 years)