Division grand sex invades incident to report a case to the security authorities add brew harsher immigration laws to 516 Germany

Division grand sex approachs incident report a case to the security authorities still increasing ceaselessly! Germany " the world signs up for " 11 days of reports say, the newest data of division grand police shows, report a case to the security authorities amount already from go up 379 cases of Saturday to rise suddenly to go up 516 cases of weekday, among them 4 into involve a gender to encroach. Suspect of great majority crime is the refugee and illegal immigrant. Zhou Yi, german government still edits a more strict foreign country immigrant and bad civil law undertook discussion.

Nocturnal group sex is invaded before division grand New Year is to together the organization has aforethought event. Mass is opposite German federal attorney general " the picture signs up for " express, who is German judicial department is investigating backstage organizer after all. Zhou Yi, government of German large alliance is opposite in Berlin edit a more strict foreign country immigrant and refugee law undertook discussion. German federal parliament also approachs sex of Yu Benzhou discussion incident, the consideration is constrictive and relevant law, strengthen public monitoring and safety to wait. Zhou Yi expresses Jiabulier of German Vice Prime Minister, answer what there is criminality inside heart territory to seek the person that take refugee and foreigner to execute more fast drive out.

Division grand sex invades incident to cause new to Moslem animosity, germany " the world signs up for " in the center of Moslem of Germany of Zhou Yi quote board chairman dust graceful if say, after the gender approachs incident, this association already received 50 to threaten phone and many minatory mail, be at ordinary times a few times, mohammedan scared disease erupts again. The weekday on division grand still happens to assault the incident of two Moslem together.

Week of division grand police tells heart new company, ultra-Right ala element is using division grand sex to invade incident to undertake opposing emigrant activity. The gang releases information in gregarious network, say to take a walk to division grand together in the evening, have charge to the foreigner next. Last week day, 6 Pakistanis make a surprise attack by gang of a 20 people, later a Syrian also is beaten up by this one gang. And Mokeer also invades incident to get because of the gender the criticism of domestic and international media. Germany " the world signs up for " the comment says, no

matter be the refugee,find a place for, security force, still be legal existing state of affairs, er of gram of short of silent says the level that we can achieve, masked a fact to already arrived absurd degree. [round-the-world times is stationed in Qing Mu of reporter of German engage by special arrangement]