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China Daily net on Feburary 18 report (Sun Renan) integrated outside intermediary report, turkey capital installs card to pull downtown to produce explosion late on Feburary 17 local time, cause at least 28 people to die, 61 people are injured. The army says assault target is army car, announce to be in charge of to this without the organization temporarily. Oath is opposite Turkey president Aierduoan this horrible assault gives retaliation.

Late on Feburary 17 local time, dynamite is detonated when the car of a replete dynamite is counting an army bus car to pass. (picture origin: Reuter)

According to the report, explosive place is located in near parliament and armed forces the headquarters of the General Staff. Authoritative information says, the car of a replete dynamite is mixed in car of bus of 3 Turkey army dynamite is detonated when a private car is passed, a few cars are awaiting permission to go ahead with some project in crossing at that time.

After explosive happening, spot smother billow, a disorder. Eyewitness says whole town can hear detonation. Ambulance and fire engine head for explosive place rescue quickly, get hurt personnel is sent toward around hospital to accept cure, there is civilian in the victim.

Turkey Vice Prime Minister and army call this explosion horrible assault. Before abstruse Lu cancels, premier Da Wu is gone to especially the journey of Belgian Brussels, hold safe meeting with presidential Aierduoan and governmental official.

Turkey installs all door official to divulge, preliminary indication makes clear, this attack is probable it is Kuerde worker party place is.

After the accident, multilateral high official expressed to Turkey deep-felt and condolatory, make a person to this the horrible assault of bristle with anger undertakes condemning.

(original title: Turkey horror assault sends place of party of worker of heart of Er of library of 28 dead doubt to make reprisals for presidential pledge)

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