Fetch of Jing of woman of south Africa surf followed 5 sharks behind one act (graph)

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A few days ago, south Africa air man of 41 years old Jiantelesifen (when the one place name that Jean Tresfon) is opening gyroplane to pass general honest is the beach of Strandfontein Beach, the one screen of Jing fetch that boat takes 5 sharks to swimming to woman of a surf.

At that time, opening gyroplane to discover through the Telesifen of this beach, this woman is in to the top of one's bent surf, enjoy happy afternoon days, do not know back right-down however hundreds of meters of above have 5 sharks to swimming toward her. Subsequently, the woman stands groggily on surfboard, decline even in water. And in those days, a shark is apart from her to already was in nearly very close. Before long hind, this woman expended very great strong gift to stand afresh again on surfboard.

I was worried for her really at that time, did not atttack her through the shark beside her fortunately, consequence is really otherwise unimaginable. Telesifen says.


Shark of bobtail supercilious look

Somebody thinks, swim via this surf woman is shark of

4 bobtail supercilious look (Bronze Whaler) and a thresher, they all won't atttack a person actively.


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