Argentine one Chinese merchant by shoot dead: The suspect is arrested to ever killed much person

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In report will occupy new network on Feburary 29 Argentine Chinese is online report, recently, will be in Argentine upper Santiago last year in October - Deeraisiteluo saves a murderer that is arrested, be confirmed recently was in on Feburary 16, 2015 Si Aili of Nuo of capital cloth appropriate this shoot dead of city Once area merchant of supermarket of a Chinese.

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According to Argentine media coverage, last year October, argentine police is in Santiago - Deeraisiteluo saves provincial capital to arrest an extremly sinful murderer. This murderer is called Haweierpinuo (Javier Pino) , year only 26 years old. Police estimation, this murderer is in Si Aili of cloth appropriate Nuo this, luosaliao and Saerda's city killed respectively at least 5 people, include merchant of supermarket of a middleaged Chinese among them. Police discovery, this murderer robs werewolf case in 5 in, those who use is same handle gun.

Judicatory personage expresses, through the discovery after thorough investigation

, pass federal police, the joint efforts of police of and other places discovers Sa Erda and Luosaliao, in 5 murder case, what the murderer uses is same a weapon and the bullet that are the same as a type.

Nuo of murder suspect skin is killed by accusation a masseuse, businessman of China of merchant of supermarket of a Chinese, employee of a gas station and a pair of sweethearts. Last year on October 21, this are young killer counteracts cummer to be arrested by police together in an apartment.

According to the report, this killer is being robbed normally procurable hind, use the victim shoot dead to kill, at the same time his weapon is met mount muffler, method and its are cruel cold blood.

As we have learned, on Feburary 16, 2015, be found out and brought to justice of this murderer first time is in the Chinese sup

ermarket of highway of RIVADAVIA of a capital and MATHEU street. The murderer is being robbed procurable hind, still open 6 guns to kill its repeatedly to supermarket merchant, bristle with anger making a person.

(original title: Of merchant of supermarket of killing Argentine Chinese fierce disrelish be arrested bear many human life)

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