The aftershock after maritime space of Indonesian Sumatra island produces 7.8 class earthquake is ceaseless

In report will occupy new network on March 3 outside intermediary report, maritime space of Indonesian Sumatra island will produce 7.8 class earthquake late on March 2, intense aftershock appears again


The report says, bureau of American geology investigation (the data of USGS) shows, southwest of harbor of Sumatra island Ba Dong slants south place of about 784 kilometers produces 7.8 class earthquake that evening, this area will produce 5.6 class aftershock again in the morning on March 3, focus deepness is 10


Create the report of personal casualty and building damage without aftershock at present. After earthquake of 2 days happens, relevant orgnaization released early-warning of seismic sea wave, this causes panic in place, local people tries to head for the area with higher relief. Place favour did not produce seismic sea wave.

But reach in night subsequently aftershock is ceaseless 3 days in the morning, indonesian and relevant section appeals people keep one's head.

Bureau of Indonesian country scene says, aftershock happened 6 times in all in night, magnitude intensity wear off. We think to won't produce more powerful earthquake. Bureau of Indonesian country scene is pushed in its say on account especially. Hope people keep one's head, do not want rumor of believe what one hears.

In addition, indonesian government confirms, already a certain number of peoples die, but still cannot determine dead number.

Indonesian be located in belt of earthquake of annulus Pacific Ocean, produce thousands of size earthquake every year. In December 2004, indonesian Sumatra island adds coastal waters to region produces violent temblor and cause seismic sea wave of the indian ocean, cause great personal casualty.

(original title: After maritime space of Indonesian Sumatra island produces an earthquake still aftershock is ceaseless)