Han Mei is about to hold dimensions of year joint military exercise to start calendar year most

Korea army officer says 6 days, korea and United States will spread out crucial make a

decision and sparrow hawk at the same time on April 30 at coming 7 days this month two year combine war game. Press this view that does not wish to make public full name official, this will be since the day brought naval vessel incident in March 2010 the Hanmei with the largest scale combines practice.

Scale is the largest

The word of this official reports quote of Han couplet company, combine maneuver general this to be mixed by soldier of more than 300 thousand Korea soldier of 15 thousand United States attends. Meantime, the U.S. Army will dispatch group of group of battle aviation brigade, brigade of Marine Corps motor-driven, Yaohansitengnisi aircraft carrier of size nuclear power, nuclear-powered submarine, the battle force that its throw is in pledge with the quantity two respects are achieved since 1976 the most large-scale.

Be worth what carry is, yaohansitengnisi date after aircraft carrier deploy reachs the designated position, the U.S. Army will own aircraft carrier of two nuclear power in this one area, another is long-term deploy the radical sign in the Ronald that needs base of congrat

ulate U.S. Army in Japanese Tokyo horizontal stroke.

Content innovates

Another Korea army officer that does not wish to publish a full name says, this crucial make a decision combines maneuver general first time applicable fight plan 5015. Plan 5015 according to fighting, once Korea peninsula appears emergency, han Mei general anticipate the enemy.

The second that held last year raises beauty of free bodyguard Han to combine practice applicable fight too plan 5015, this official tells Han Lian company reporter, but applicable in maneuver of crucial make a decision still belong to first.

Except crucial make a decision and sparrow hawk two combination act outside be used to, han beautiful Marine Corps still will come 7 days 18 days to spread out double dragon to train this month. In training, han Fang will expedite 3000 leathernecks and 2000 naval soldiers, the United States just will be expedited 7000 leathernecks mix 5 maritime beforehand buy naval vessel, dimensions is this one combination the biggest since maneuver was carried out 2012 oneself likewise.

Toward square warning

Be aimed at Hanmei joint military exercise, korea respect objects strongly and issue a warning for many times.

Korea people army highest headquarters will make a statement on Feburary 23 say, if discover the United States and Korea are special,fight army and fight outfit stock transaction, korea general anticipate the enemy.

U.N. Security Council agrees 2 days through the 2270th resolution, in the light of Korea nucleus, guide the plan provides a series of punish measure, reiterate support restarts 6 talks are reached realize peninsula denuclearize through peaceful way. International society supports Security Council generally to pass experience face resolution, urge Korea to abandon a nucleus, guide plan, solve problem of Korea peninsula nucleus through the dialog. (Yan Jie) (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)