Man-machine big fight the 2nd Li Shishi admits defeat the reason is ultimate chess bureau exposure (graph)

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Li Shishi was defeated again, but what be defeated this is very big one part reason is in he himself.

Beijing time on March 10 16 when 27 minutes, the intelligent system AlphaGo that DeepMInd of company of the artificial intelligence below cereal song banner develops (alpha go) with Li Shishi of player of Korea profession go the 2nd 9 paragraphs match ends formally. In already the circumstance of one bureau issues play away, li Shishi is carrying enormous pressure on the head to also fail to break up dish.

Outspread read: Big fight of 2016 go man-machine result of the 2nd bureau: AlphaGo got the better of Li Shishi to defeat video living broadcast repeatedly: Man-machine big fight the 2nd panoramic / Wap mobile phone carries collect of address of panoramic direct seeding

Compare yesterday the match, the speed of Li Shishi play chess wants rein in apparently today a lot of.

Big fight of the 2nd man-machine at Beijing time on March 10 12 when whole begin formally, unlike before today insipid, the bureau is apparent enter turn white-hot condition.

Li Shishi hold oneself more the Bai Zi of expert. Guli of professional go player says 9 paragraphs: Li Shishi compares discretion apparently, battle desire is a lot of stronger also.

Equipment suffers an on AlphaGo one bureau reputably, alphaGo changes this the strategy, open the cloth of the bureau child the professional player such as straight Rangguli, Ke Jie breathes out greatly look not to understand.

Clean of the first person stalking or branch laughs at Chinese profession go say: A bureau of AlphaGo is very peculiar, I had never seen, I think this is planted bureau at least amateur sees very hard in 3 paragraphs of chess bureaus over, I believe Li Shishi also had never been encountered, nevertheless I feel not the intent of AlphaGo of should excessive conjecture.

12 when 50 minutes, the smelly chess that chess player of one pace profession cannot understand went out below AlphaGo. Gu Li says even: If AlphaGo presses this kind of laxative remedy to still can win, so the laxative remedy of prospective go can produce a change certainly.

Dan Kejie thinks: Calculate AlphaGo to be able to win, professional chess player also dare not imitate AlphaGo in the match, because appear very easily accident, the mankind always thinks very more.

12 when 54 minutes, li Shishi leaves place for the first time, the Li Shishi after coming back appears a little anxious. Ke Jie plaints again: I feel Li Shishi does not suit to mix really AlphaGo match, of the consideration too much.

13 when 09 minutes, going out to be equal to below AlphaGo is the one pace of Shi Buzi of side plum world, gu Li says: Professional player won't fall so absolutely, alphaGo of this one pace fails a bit.

13 when 24 minutes, alphaGo again error, ke Jie thinks, if do not have an accident, alphaGo should be defeated, but analogy yesterday of AlphaGo break up dish, dare not say too absolutely.

Ke Jie says, did not think of AlphaGo can play so smelly chess, an AlphaGo can win is not it those who fall is particularly good, many error appeared at the back of Li Shishi however, it is a lot of normaller that the play of this Li Shishi is about.

Express in succession in everybody, when Li Shishi will pull an one bureau, li Shishi the 70th, 72 hands are hit 2 times unplug let a person be surprised again. Ke Jie says: Balanced feeling of Li Shishi is differred particularly, I hope Li Shishi can leave bit of his position, feel him condition is very abnormal recently, should give AlphaGo a bit pressure at least.

Arrived in dish, alphaGo is stabilized gradually again, both sides looks number is close to gradually again. As a result of medium Pan Yue comes to dish of chess face sky less, how does computation go to AlphaGo have very large dominant position.

14 when 28 minutes, li Shishi's situation gradually austere rise, professional chess players express that he cannot understand, it why falling to falling to become Li Shishi again is dangerous to why falling to falling to become Li Shishi again rise. Ke Jie says: If Li Shishi still falls very badly, I should suspect he keeps secret what the agreement signed after all.

14 when 36 minutes, li Shishi still used conservative laxative remedy to stick one child, both sides is immersed in ankylose condition. This to Li Shishi it is very adverse condition, because to AlphaGo hind dish it is a strong point.

14 when 50 minutes, sunspot (AlphaGo) show an advantage gradually, li Shishi still falls very delay, but although Li Shishi appears very careful, also did not play the chess with colourful Jing of person of sell one's own things, fail to defend oneself even foregoing preceding.

A series of error that before facing AlphaGo, appear, li Shishi was not captured however, ke Jie thinks: The likelihood still is problem of state of mind, this two bureaus did not issue Li Shishi oneself condition.

15 when 03 minutes, carrying the pressure in tremendous heart on the head, li Shishi plays one pace good chess eventually, of Li Shishi burn one's boats pulled one child.

Professional chess players breathe out greatly wonderful, leaving a half-dead chess intentionally to l

et you kill, pull suddenly one child let the other side break down, this is the corpse that Li Shishi is called sheds essence. Ke Jie expresses: Up-to-date the look that had dot century big fight eventually, the match before should look was asleep.

The match has the rate that turn white-hot, li Shishi falls repeatedly child the hand begins to appear slightly asp. Although Li Shishi leaves wonderful one stage, but AlphaGo still has huge advantage.

In last time, li Shishi appears complexion dignified, often flinch the hair will think how to remedy. But leave Li Shishi's time to had been been less than 10 minutes.

15 when 43 minutes, li Shishi is groovy 2 hours are gone, enter read a second, li Shishi begins to count bilateral eye silently.

Win in everybody cognizance AlphaGo when was being decided, the 163rd hand walked out of AlphaGo again one pace smelly chess.

16 when 19 minutes of AlphaGo are groovy 2 hours are gone also, enter read a second, li Shishi appears unusually fretted.

16 when 27 minutes, li Shishi is cast child admit defeat.

The match ends, everybody breathes out greatly indissoluble, will see AlphaGo error by open quotation for many times, but Li Shishi is in dominant below the circumstance, still be turned over by AlphaGo dish. Gu Li says: Did not think of AlphaGo actual strength is so high, see bureau of dishes of it is whole chess actually, the where below open quotation is indifferent to, second half dish the dominant position is too large.

Li Shishi 0: 2 be defeated by AlphaGo again, if Li Shishi is in,next one dish cannot win AlphaGo, artificial intelligence will be in this century man-machine wins victory in battle greatly.

According to program arrangement, the rest of 3 bureaus will at 12 days, hold 13 days with 15 days. Although one party takes the lead in obtai

ning 3 get the better of, also should fall full 5 dishes. The match adopts Chinese regulation, hold black one party sticks 7 eye half, two hours are when each just are used, of 3 60 seconds read a second.

Go man-machine big fight bureau of the 2nd final step

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