Day intermediary: Bring times regime tough legislation disregards demur people to protest to the late night

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In new network integrated Japan media will report report on June 16, japan is senatorial around cause the collusion with a lot of worry, differ opinion blame law, 14 days spread out to attac

k continuously prevent war. In congress periphery and countrywide each district, the sound that people holds to to issue protest till the late night.

Data chart: Local time on May 3, several Japan people holds assembly and parade in Tokyo, the appeal safeguards peaceful constitution, object be in office the purpose writing constitution of authorities. Wang Jian of reporter of China News Service is photographed

The report points out, in view of write into conspire blame of gist " constituent crime sanctions a method " amendment is obtained 15 days through, japanese premier brings times advance 3 will put the working emphasis henceforth what maintaining political power stability to rega

rd politics as in order to come true the target " constitution " revise. The school legal person that includes its friend to hold the position of a director is added plan the issue that lyceum sets vet newly to tie a plan inside, bring the times critical sound that is about to appease public opinion, still will pay close attention to pair of Tokyo in addition parliamentary vote (will send plan bill on July 2) influence.

Civilian into, produce in all, these 4 opposition oppose free, company civilian installing the times constitution during be in office to change evil, in conspire blame of the law pass forcibly and add plan the critical stance that pair of governments strengthened on lyceum problem, attack bilaterally prevent will last.

Install times government to reach hold the political party is eager to through conspiring the intent of the law depends on the blame the hope avoids pair of Tokyo as far as possible parliamentary vote causes an effect. Because each party takes degree can seriously to compare national politics,this is of the election the result of parliamentary vote affects political power operation, numerous courtyard is disbanded likely reach general election strategy. To this month 23 days parliamentary vote issues announcement only remnant a week is superabundant, if congressional disorder lasts,the government thinks to go down, cause negative effect likely.

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