Indian the whole people celebrates " gem gal section " : Enclothe completely to extremely cold guard from aircraft carrier board

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] will report on June 21 according to British Reuter, arrive from board of an aircraft carrier air temperature the martial chirp hillock of a the Himalayas of 0 condition, by tens of thousands will Indian people join Indian premier Nalundela on June 21? Mo Di, celebrate the 3rd jointly " day of international gem gal " .

In a park that in Indian north state metropolis straps gram Nao, about 50 thousand person and Indian premier Mo Di do gem gal to hold together, even if rainwater also fails to irrigate the mood that destroys they upsurge.

"Gem gal was in the world and Indian connection one case, " the trousers of white of Mo Di dress and compensate of blue collar T, appear very loosen, he is right acclamatory crowd say, "Gem gal is beneficial to our health, and this kind exercises a method not costly. And this kind exerc

ises a method not costly..

Mo Di's government is pushed special Zhang date has 3000 much vermicelli made from bean starch, he is being pushed go up especially released the picture that makes gem gal in different place, include the country such as China, Colombia, United States, Paraguay, Mexico.

There also is the photograph of gem gal on gregarious media, indication India people does gem gal in all sorts of different places, those who include submarine of an India

navy and an aircraft carrier land board. Report, gem gal is the culture output of sex of this GB annals.

After winning an election 2014, mo Di popularizes gem gal to the whole world, reckon value of this kind of property restrains 80 billion dollar. (The exercitation compiles: Does Dong Xiaofang go over a manuscript or draft: ? Prevent  ?