Australia suffers from antenatal of cancerous pregnant woman to break out mother and daughter of rescue of heart disease classics restful

In report will occupy new network on July 10 Australia network coverage, unripe child is the issue with be encountered the most critical in lifetime of a lot of females, although present high-tech can reduce manufacturing risk, but some accidents or meeting come when your expect is less than. Dimension city suffers from cancerous woman to break out heart disease before today in production, she parts forever in unripe antenatal and marital electrify word even, pass the rescue of the hospital fortunately, final mother and daughter is restful.

This year French of 41 years old (Leanne French) is diagnosed of 40 years old of birthday to suffer from before today in her on palace neck cancer, to be treated with marital tall (the child that George) has him, french rejects to become hysterectomy operation, she is pregnant fortunately later, but did not think of to be in expected date of childbirth before today, french is abrupt wind pang and cannot breathe, be sent toward the hospital by family.

After be in hospital, the doctor tells French, she needs to accept urgent operation, but to avoid the anaesthetic effect to the baby, reason has paunch of safety of 30 seconds time only.

French is pushed before s

urgery, crying to be fastened in phone line to the husband very reluctantly, she says: "I tell him the doctor is about to take the child, but I do not know myself whether subsist, and the doctor also cannot make any commitment. " George expresses, this word of the wife makes him lifelong and unforgettable, "She has made a telephone call twice to me, before she should become an operation, the 2nd telephone call is made, the edge is hit to cry by the side of her, that is her words of the deceased. " George says.

Final nevertheless, success birth issues French daughter Ally is elegant (Alya) , she is postpartum nevertheless enter narcosis, cannot move all over, want to accept the two rehabilitation

treatment to 3 months.

Current, french treats each days as the last day will spend. "My present place is dangerous still, I need to do heart examination and cancer test regularly, but everything what I have is to bestow, can be together with family especially, I also want to want a child again, but I cannot again stick one's chin out, because of me now is a mother. " French says.