Day foreign minister will help 1 billion dollar eliminate poverty in U.N. speech acceptance

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According to Japan joint company will report on July 18, hero of article of cropland of bank of Japanese foreign minister is in 17 days afternoon local time the U.N. that aims to eliminate poverty and hunger " can develop a target continuously " (address on conference of SDGs) minister class. He says Japan values the education of person of the generation below the developing country, affirmatory will at 2017, 2018 year are in the key domain such as education, wholesome, take precautions against natural calamities off

ers total the aid of 1 billion dollar.

Bank cropland emphasizes above all, "Japan will found an everybody can utmost play ability, in all sorts of arena distinguish oneself, have diversity and include sexual society " . He helps developing country project be with aqueduct technology with what city of boreal a poetic name of China advances exemple express " will wise and farsighted through the assemble and technical act, make contribution to come true not to let the world that any person drops out " .

Bank cropland still announces, in the Syria that civil war lasts, the education that Japan will continue to be the refugee with U.N. orgnaization collaboration and pedagogic training offer assist. He expresses at the same time " also exist inside Japan correct difference of the rich and the poor, female active the task that waits to be solved urgently " . He introduced Japan to eliminate children poverty and the policy that promote young generation obtain employment. In addition he still weighs plan and Piko of Japanese net red singer too the acknowledge that man collaboration promotes SDGs is spent.

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panese government relevant personage discloses, 1 billion dollar will develop aid from the government (dial in ODA) budget, predicting aid object is the developing country of Asia, middle east, Africa and Latin America. (The exercitation compiles: Hu Yang goes over a manuscript or draft: Wang Huan)

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