Telangpu pushs respond to son and Russian lawyer meeting especially: This is politics

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Telangpu is pushed special check scheme

Telangpu of president of electric United State

s is pushing abroad net 17 days on July 18 special dispatch refer its eldest son is young be related of meeting of female lawyer of Telangpu and Russia, say this is political groovy event only, in calling politics the circle almost everybody wants to participate in this kind of conference.

Telangpu is pushing say in article: "Major politician can resemble small Telangpu same, to get the competitor's data, go attending this kind of meeting. This is politics! This is politics!!

According to " new York Times " report, that day later on, spokesman of the White House was like En Sipasai to reiterate Telangpu's position on the press conference, say, in that conference, do not have occurrence politics even.

Associated press report says, small Telangpuxi looks with this lawyer meeting, with getting Hillary of candidate of the Democratic Party · digests guilty news of Lin Du, this is derivative enter into an election contest about Telangpu the new issue that the group may collude with with Russia.

Local time 16 days, the lawyer of American president Donald Telangpu firm say, small Telangpu is in Telangpu's cornstalk during the president last year enters into an election contest with lawyer of a Russia in meeting, without any illegal behavior.

Original, this one meeting June 2016 is said to adopt about a Russia project; Be called to listen to the information about Hillary again next; Finally, small Telangpu is forced to publish post, divulge he has told a line the person, he " like " Russia is helped in what get respect of message of crime of Hillary of candidate of the Democratic Party.

Besides small Telan

gpu, the offer of still has Telangpu husband library assorted that participates in this conference, Telangpu enters into an election contest Ma Nafu of · of group chairman Paul is special, two people act important role in enter into an election contest.

Day says the Wo Nazhou of · of mark of cacique of the Democratic Party of American senatorial Committee on Information, he hopes the everybody that participates in this meeting attends this committee meeting.

"I hope to listen to the opinion of every person that participate in this conference, understand their argument about this one incident, and, I think we also can discover possibly still have other meeting. We do not know these at present. " Werner is in of Colombian Broadcasting Corporation " face the whole nation " say in the column.

Him Telangpu also is his son to defend, he says, small Telangpu " by stigmatize of false news media " . His weekday sent a series of pushing in the morning civil, say " all and false faceless information, high bias is beguiling report even, and false news is in screwy the democracy of our country. " (compile / abroad net Wu Xiao)

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