Arrive to Russia country united an exam 2020 or will bring into Chinese course

Yaluosilafuer is national the area research center that the Normal University is Russia home linguistics. This center issued a findings report recently " Chinese character culture: The transmission trend that Chinese is in Russia " . The report says, the Russia citizen that learns Chinese nearly 10 years increased double much. The number was 5000 people about 1997, this one number already was amounted to 2007 17 thousand, and to 2017, the number that studies Chinese already was achieved 56 thousand.

This report shows through moving research and development, the main platform that learns Chinese in Russia is an university, 39% what the number in the university holds Chinese learner total number, it is a middle school ever since, for 31% , language class is 25% , still 5% learn in Chinese Confucius institute. Nearly 20 years, the university measure that develops Chinese person with ability increases significantly. The university that offerred Chinese course 1997 has 18, the whole nation had achieved 179 2017. And the application that private school offers Chinese course, also continue with annual the scale of 3% is in increase by degrees.

The Siweida that in Russia finance of international of advanced economy university and political institute work comparatives to this self-identity. Her personal experience is a proof namely. She just took an examination of Muscovite university 2004 afro-asian institute, the person that learns Chinese at that time does not calculate much, on the class with respect to a few classmates. Relevant teaching material is very little also. After undergraduate course graduates, she studies abroad to China, got Master, doctor's degree in China, just returned Moscow last year. Now, she teachs Chinese course in the institute, take 3 classes every week, every class is 10 much people. And the institute that she is in, light is to teach the teacher of Chinese to have 15, majority is Russia native, only 3 come from China. "Now, the sort of concerned Chinese teaching material is very rich also. " she says.

Russia why is arisen Chinese hot? As we have learned, the humanitarian communication between increasingly close, two countries concerns in Russia increasingly grow in quantity, and grow in quantity of the commerce in Russia, business opportunity, job opportunity needs many talented person, it is main factor.

A data that comes from Russia economy to develop a ministry to will be made public this year in June shows, be in only area of seaside b

order area one city, in having 208 endowment the enterprise of setting. And two countries contact also grows considerably. 2016 annual, china visits Russian tourist amount to achieve 1.073 million person-time, grow 15%; Russia to visit compared to the same period China the tourist achieves 1.183 million person-time, grow 31% compared to the same period.

"Chinese is the language of a kind of completely as different as western language system, very very Orphean, beautiful. And Chinese history, literature and art are very charming. " the undergraduate An Na that contacts Chinese formally two years, say oneself " fell in love with Chinese " . Her major is to learn eastward, aspire should be become now Sinology home.

Be in Russia, the colleges and universities that opens Chinese not only already evened more 100, be in area of hill of Muscovite, Sanket, noise made in coughing or vomiting and far east, a few middle and primary school also begin to introduce Chinese education, also add with each passing day about the contest of Chinese and activity much. Si Weida contacts Chinese first, it is acting when the middle school Chinese class. Current, the student number that Chinese regards the 2nd foreign language as is in increasingly grow in quantity.

"Chinese is hot " ecbolic also be measured to force of persons qualified to teach and groom normally the demand of the orgnaization. Si Weida says, the Chinese that aptitude of a few lack, condition also appeared on the market now grooms the phenomenon that the orgnaization is fooled and goes up, want vigilance to this.

This report of national Normal University still forecasts Yaluosilafuer, to 2027, the number of Russia high school student that studies Chinese should be compared at least present 17 thousand increase one times. The report still predicts, to 2020 Russia will be final in regarding a foreign language as to bring into a country to unite an exam Chinese