Scandal of detachment of women installs gate of dodge a tax of defect of times new ministerial female minister ceaselessly

Japanese premier is installed times Jin Sanben undertakes 3 days month changing blood greatly to cabinet, with period redeem common feelings of people, carry brace up gliding supportive rate. Nevertheless, cabinet reorganizations only count day, new ministerial member exposes to the sun a scandal. Japanese media reports 7 days, the Son of God of open field of official of the general affairs chancellery that just assumed office, female cabinet is suspected of dodge a tax of a huge sum.

Wild Tian Shengzi is born in 1960, it is An Beixin in cabinet only one of two detachment of womens of remnant. Official of another female cabinet is law Wu chancellery go up plain Yang Zi.

According to the view of Japanese media, original last name of open field the Son of God is an island, its grandfather ever held the position of Japan to build chancellery and economic layout hall to senior office or officer, although did not take up a political career,its father island harvests, but acceded family property of a huge

sum. Since 2000, the island harvests the backing of can wild Tian Shengzi of 21 centuries meets the group of 3 politics fund that begins to belong to to wild Tian Shengzi federation and mound from civilian party Qi branch of area of the first election donates the county political capital.

The island harvests to already died in September 2015. In 10 old time, he adds up to to contribution of afore-mentioned group of 3 politics fund more than 80.5 million yen (add up to 4.88 million yuan of RMB about) .

The basis sets related Japan, to politician contribution, receive debit not to need pay taxes. Nevertheless, because the island harvests uninterrupted to daughter contribution, and every time contribution amount is to supporting to set upper limit, have the suspicion of death duty of avoid high specified number. Be aimed at this one report, office of open field the Son of God

has not make a response.

[want to should install times successor]

Install near future of times detachment of women to expose to the sun one after another a scandal, install to make times have a headache very. Among them, be regarded as to install times favorite pupil before because beauty of friend of defensive chancellery rice field hides the truth from abdication of incident signing up for the door, before bolus of Olympic Games photograph Chuanzhudaiyin is half-baked enrol new index, also reorganization in cabinet in come off sentry duty. Before fast city of general affairs chancellery is early disturbance of divorce of Miao Zeshen defect, finish class finally.

In addition, assemblyman installs times detachment of women mediumly also is farce ceaseless, cause outside allergy. Among them, congresswoman abundant cropland is true by child be exposed to the sun to beat up secretary, utterance cloddish, and senatorial female assemblyman today well draw manages child be pointed to to have extramarital affair.

But under, how times be forced to enable come from different and factional political adversary wild Tian Shengzi to enter new cabinet with oneself. Wild Tian Shengzi is in Japan the political field is well-known figure, she ever was held the position of from chairman of civilian party general affairs, with defeat from feldspar of a secretary in charge of sth before civilian party luxuriant reach Tokyo to know a thing hundred zygote walks along Xiaochi very nearly, ever entered into an election contest of purpose from civilian party president, barefaced with install times sing a different tune.

After joining new cabinet, wild Tian Shengzi is made public 3 days this month express, she will attend to be held on next year from election of civilian party president, again with install times one relatively relative superiority or inferiority.

Wild Tian Shengzi is famous, because she did,still cause resounding accident in inside and outside of Japanese political field: oneself senile and infecund, accept test-tube experience to be written into the book.

2004, wild Tian Shengzi is published " I want to give birth to a child " one book, admit oneself ever had been accepted 10 times test-tube, but did not succeed once. 2010, the spermatozoon that wild Tian Shengzi of nearly 50 years old accepts the 3rd person outside the husband to donate in the United States, execute external fertilization. Second year, she is in Tokyo the first child that oneself are delivered of in a hospital. (Zhang Jing) (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)

Original title: Scandal of detachment of women brings editor of responsibility of door of dodge a tax of defect of times new ministerial female minister ceaselessly: Ceng Shaolin