Germany " poisonous egg " scandal ferments: Who will buy sheet? Who will be in charge of?

In report will occupy new network on August 7 outside intermediary report, be in Germany, the poisonous egg scandal that gets insecticide pollution ferments ceaselessly, the cry that requirement economy compensates for is rising. Political circles personage mutual shuffle, reject to assume political responsibility. And in certain state, appeared again more problem.

German farming assist deputy secretary-general Hai Molin (Udo Hemmerling) makes clear a requirement, the German farming suzerain that is affected people cannot be damaged for nothing, must win compensation. He expresses on paper of group of abundant gram medium, insecticide fragrance general Buddhist nun (Fipronil) is a kind of agent that divide cootie, disinfect its interfuse legally illegally fluid and try to use, it is a kind of apparent wrong action


Now, dark city is captured in next Sa (Niedersachsen) also discovered the egg that gets this insecticide pollution. Hai Molin points out, the grange that closes down, average everyday loss 4000 euro, this one pecuniary loss is needed by cause trouble person compensation. He asks to be mixed federally state government as soon as possible bottom.

Agricultural minister is him to defend

Schmidt of minister of German federal agriculture (Christian Schmidt) makes plead for oneself, refute the criticism that to him the crisis handles not do one's best. This base company alli

ance politician is in " handkerchief carry on signs up for newly " (emphasize pointing out on Passauer Neuen Presse) , the expert much day of confederative Ministry of Agriculture and its subordinate orgnaization will did not close a key point almost, do one's best gains more comprehensive knowledge, what ensure interagency information communication is expedite.

Ge Lin of chairman of political parties and other organizations of green party parliament - Aikade (the accusation before this says Katrin G Ring-Eckardt) , in consumer people in fear and trembling when, schmidt minister goes however concealed counts a day. Be aimed at the criticism that is not worth about food monitoring hand, schmidt expresses through media, the examination that relies on the government just about just discovered scandal of this one poisonous egg. He points out at the same time, must recognize a such facts, namely: The problem is cheated to go up in food, stop crime action 100 percent hard forever.

14 cities suffer an effect

Current, already 14 federal states discover fragrance general Buddhist nun is poisonous egg or its derive food. Cheap supermarket chain wore all eggs below business Aldi4 day. Product of a few eggs also is affected: Neue Mayo Feinkost of purificatory food company announces to call in 6 kinds of salad provision that used poisonous egg of fragrance general Buddhist nun, place experience each city is Berlin, hamburger respectively, next Sakesen, Mei Kelun fort - before Bomorui (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) and stone - carry on one's shoulder (Schleswig-Holstein) .

Especially the Buddhist nun of insecticide Pu Fen that circle fowl-run ought not to use Dutch originally. The egg that produces over there sells past Germany more. Preliminary findings shows, dega-16 of disinfectant of relevant toxicant by entered gallinaceous ring, probable a manufacturer that is Belgium is in disinfectant interfuse Pu Fen Buddhist nun.

Confederative agriculture minister resides Nasite before (Renate K Nast) examines to the improvement on the problem is communicated and be coordinated in food between requirement federal and city. This green party politician expresses to heart new company, every city can check his ability to be centered at group of a certain food, improve efficiency thereby, get a result more quickly. She accuses succeed person Schmidt, the attempt and accomplish nothing in the first period of time after the accident, and at this moment, the whole nation is asking nervously up and down: Here, whether is there also the agent that divide cootie in the egg?

Appeared again now salmonella

Since 4 days, another problem that many cities appeared to concern with the egg again: Because be suspected of affecting salmonella, ligensibao (announcement of Axvitalis of company of Regensburg) birds egg wears a circle to raise an egg below 4 cities.

According to food place of night of day of admonitory website Lebensmittelwarnung.de4 is shown, these cities are Bavarian respectively (Bayern) , cling to ascend - Fu Tengbao (Baden-W Rttemberg) , Tubingen (Th Ringen) and Hei Sen (Hessen) . This website says, detect the result confirms, the circle of these 4 cities raised an egg to affect bowel to salmonella Enteritidis.

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