Day Russia minister of foreign affairs plans to talk again conclude and smooth treaty negotiation installs the times matters concerned that visit Russia

Province of Japanese foreign affairs says 4 days, river of foreign affairs chancellery is wild too Lang Ding visits Russia to 16 days at 12 days, discussion two countries concludes and the bilateral general affairs such as smooth treaty.

According to program is arranged, the river is wild see Xie Er of Russia Foreign Minister build Lafuluofu on 14 days of faces.

From last year since second half of the year, the river is wild conclude with respect to two countries with Lafuluofu and smooth treaty meets for many times. Northward conflict of 4 islands territory is to conclude the main obstacle of peaceful treaty. 4 islands point to north island of Kunashiri, lubricious red, Etorofu island and Habomai Zhu Dao, japan weighs northward territory, russia is called south 1000 islands archipelago. These controversy islands are located in Japanese Hokkaido to add a peninsula with examine of north, Russia can with the south of 1000 islands archipelago south, since the Second World War ends, control by Russia and Russia in succession.

Japanese premier brings times advance 3 with Russia president Fulajimierpu Beijing will meet in Singapore last year in November, those who decide the basis was signed 1956 " day Su Gong is the same as enunciative " accelerate day of Russia to conclude process of peaceful treaty negotiation. Both sides of this one enunciative agreement will sign peaceful pact as soon as possible; After the autograph is made an appointment with, russia turns over the lubricious red island with the lesser area in controversy islands and Habomai Zhu Dao to Japan.

Much home media reports 4 days, except discuss day of Russia to conclude peaceful treaty, the river is wild another task is negotiation is installed times visit Russian matters concerned later on this month.

How times say by last year, he will visit Russia this year in January and meet general Beijing. Heretofore of day Russia both sides was not released bring the times schedule that visit Russia. Russia satellite news service reports 4 days, how times the likelihood visits Russia 21 days.

Install 4 days times to hold press conference of field of New Year head in city of situation of ternary county Yi, allude again he will visit Russia, the hope drives two countries to conclude peaceful treaty.

According to bring the view of times, conclude a treaty the negotiation was without progress 70 years in the past; Recently two years, two countries strengthens negotiation

and cooperation with respect to islands controversy, include economic cooperation, achieve unprecedented progress.

I won't be sentenced beforehand (peaceful treaty) the result of the negotiation, but my hope and general Beijing president together, drive as far as possible (negotiation) , how times say, we two people do not hope this thing procrastinates to let issue generation person to solve.

Reuter is news source story 4 days with a few analysts, russia just may hope day Russia concludes and furring is made an appointment with, in order to attract day of square investment and technology; Another some of analyst says, in view of Russia major people objects turning over islands, presently square final whether just conclude with day treaty unknown. (Zheng Hao is peaceful) (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain esp

ecially only)

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