Cling to Sa or come Dabisaimeixi fears China and Guangzhou constant protecting Liniao without predestined relationship meet again

Yesterday cling to Sa government announced today arrangement of summer one's own profession, cling to Sa will mix 27 days on July 23, undertake with Qieerxi and Kobe victory boat two warm

up are surpassed. Nowadays ESPN cling to Sa follows team reporter slightly Lun Sifa is pushed point out, cling to Sa can come to China likely, and play game of a warm up greatly with Guangzhou constant.

Before this intermediary ever pointed out on the west, cling to Sa today Xia Hui kicks a warm up to surpass in big talk. If slightly human relations this news source is not had by accident if, cling to the fight with Sa and Guangzhou big constant, will perform in big talk.


in semifinal of world all cup, cling to Sa and Guangzhou constant ever had had engage in a battle greatly. Depending on at that time revive cap magic of Yaleisi, cling to constant of beat easily of Sa final 3-0 promotes greatly. In that match, zou Zheng encounters serious injury, his professional career also is entered accordingly glide orbit.

In semifinal of cup of that world all, mei Xi did not come on the stage. Be opposite before a Guangzhou constant is big, mei Xi was sufferred from to go up by fish kidney stone. After having urgent treatment, mei Xi reappears quickly, attended final of world all cup.

In this summer, mei Xi attends America cup extremely likely on behalf of Argentina. America cup is in in June battle of the middle ten days of a month, finals is at the beginning of July battle. If Mei Xi can lead Argentina to be hit into finals, he will defer regression after go vacationing cling to Sa, cannot attend as big as Guangzhou constant warm up extremely likely to surpass accordingly.

Original title: Expose to the sun cling to Sa China goes or Heng Damei of fight hand to hand fears having predestined relationship meet again on the west responsibility edits Baoliniao: Li Xiaoling