2019 Su Di graceful cup direct seeding is newest score match result Japan of conquer of the first male Shuang Guoyu

Final of game of mixture team of graceful cup badminton contended for Su Di 2019, chinese team is opposite a Japanese team. The first male double, national feather double tower combines Li Junhui / the brave crossing a border that Liu Yuchen meets Japan head-on is big / Yuan Teng is big by, fall continuously two bureaus beat rival with 21-18 and 21-10, take the first minute for Guo Yu.

The first male double, double tower combines Li Junhui / the brave crossing a border that Liu Yuchen meets Japan head-on is big / Yuan Teng is big by. Bilateral before this 4 fight hand to hand, li Junhui / Liu Yuchen 1 get the better of 3 negative fall at ahull. Head Li Junhui comes on the bureau / Liu Yuchen enters state faster, 1 3 minutes are connected after making the same score, the winner is taken to move in the contention of advanced half of a game or contest, pull open cent to differ 6-3. Double tower combines successive error to send cent, be locked in a seesaw struggle of bilateral much bout, japanese combination defends bite score closely firm, li Junhui / what Liu Yuchen attacks is very determined, maintain the suppress to adversary, 8-7 hind connects

3 minutes, enter suspensive period of time with 11-7.

Combination of the Japan after time-out grabs a net seasonable, serve to notch directly, li Junhui / Liu Yuchen is chased after 12-11, get the Li Junhui after 2 minutes to answer a ball to cast the net repeatedly, answer outside of bottom line high ball, the field after Liu Yuchen is broken off kill diagonal to take fraction, send nevertheless what receive hair link or handle is not quite exquisite, open minute of difference without farad, be chased after successfully by adversary 17 smooth. The brave that cross a border is big in half of a game or contest returns ball error, take by storm of Japanese combination half of a game or contest is procurable, block of celestial bodies of rain of the 18 Liu after making the same score hits the target, li Junhui cut kills half of a game or contest procurable, double tower combines 20-18 to gain bureau point. As Yuan Teng big by answer a ball to cast the net, li Junhui / Liu Yuchen forestalls his opponent by a show of strength with 21-18.

Half of a game or contest of celestial bodies of rain of Liu of the 2nd bureau hits the mark, li Junhui aggression casts the net, japanese combination error is more, add of Dalian of the brave that cross a border sends cent, double tower comes up to take fraction continuously again, bureau precede with 6-1. Double tower combination jumps over Zhan Yueyong, force adversary in second half field, maintain the suppress that combines to Japan. Yuan Teng is big by serve error, li Junhui / celestial bodies 11-6 gets Liu rain to enter time-out first.

Block of the Li Junhui after time-out is procurable, liu Yuchen puts net error, after the field after Japanese combination is pushed takes fraction, double tower combination lives firmly situation, cross fault of add of edge brave Dalian, li Junhui / Liu Yuchen precedes 15-8. Japanese assembly can glide, double tower combination seizes an opportunity, expand the advantage 18-9. Li Junhui of bureau end phase / Liu Yuchen jumps ov

er Zhan Yueyong, adversary error gradually much, li Junhui / Liu Yuchen wins victory easily with 21-10, fall continuously two bureaus take the first minute for Guo Yu.

Pay close attention to newest match " " 2019 Su Di direct seeding of channel of sports of CCTV5 of Japan of Vs of China of address of living broadcast of video of graceful cup final

Original title: Double tower falls continuously two bureaus get the better of Japan male double revive cup final China unplugs the head plans responsibility edition first: Ceng Shaolin