In one's element of market of Zhan Huang Le Bulang field is boastful vision is original can earn very much

In one's element of market of Zhan Huang Le Bulang field is boastful vision is original can earn very much

Turning after meeting los angeles, le Bulang is on bazaar and field feel just like a fish in water of it may be said, do bigger more.

Anthony - Davis lands lake person, meant him to have puissant assistant next; He carries program of producer big " basket of aerospace big fill 2 " had begun investment to film, class giant star participated in many top firewood to film.

The member c

areer progress in his confidential group is very great also, surprise in - Paul another client this - Ximengsi harvested super big contract; And him Paul also begins to follow cooperation of company of Hollywood broker tycoon.

This paragraph of time is in Le Bulang recently the condition of the hair on gregariou

s network had completely celebrate the feeling of result, he is pushing today go up especially write: When you still know a program far from, I had wanted to understand completely. After 300000000, you just understand!

This paragraph of word comes from a libretto of Jay-Z actually. Jay-Z in those days oneself establish broker company, the practice that oneself become him boss, follow to strap Braun to give his commercial program special likeness now actually.

His deep feeling draws more than 50 thousand netizen to nod assist, yahoo sports also leaves a message in commenting on an area: Your eye shot vision in field inside and outside is real too fierce.

Le Bulang also is being pushed go up especially for Paul (his agent) with Mafulike - Carter (responsible operation his media sale company) make conduct propaganda.

His transmit card is pushed especially special, express: All ability just began!

He returns transmit the beneficent school that him conduct propaganda invests, report that publicizes Paul broker company.

He writes: I feel proud for my brother really! (Paul) changing whole culture environment, too much child is example with him now, his effort, dedication and the spirit that dare to seize opportunity are worth to learn!

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