International Milan seizes 6 Lian Shengji add to get run force of a list of names posted up of meaning armour integral presses You Wen 2 minutes

International Milan seizes 6 Lian Shengji add to get run force of a list of names posted up of meaning armour integral presses You Wen 2 minutes

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is diligent because National Day holiday is arranged and early height appears ahead of schedule. Even if is such, international Milan fan of China does not take common route, in becoming the crowd on road going to work a most elated batch. Beijing time on September 29 before dawn (Milanese time on September 28 in the evening) , international Milan plays Li Siqiu field in cost 3 than 1 take Sangpuduoliya, continue to get run a list of names posted up of meaning armour integral, force presses Youwentusi 2 minutes. Although was medium Europe coronal tough fight next week to save actual strength, although almost whole the second half laid one person less, but blue black army group still has Jing to take 3 minutes completely without jaws in guest field.

It is battle, country rice advocate Shuai Kongdi is forecasted like the outside, be opposite a hair battle array undertook rotate, young halfback Ba Si asks the priestess come on the stage surprise making a person. Of course, head in sending 11 people most the Chilean of nothing is more... than of attention letting a person Sangqiesi. As today heavy pound of Xia Guomi brings hold, sangqiesi was not amounted to as a result of condition before this optimal, still do not have meaning be crossinged by arrangement of aperture the base of a fruit the pay that armour head hair comes on the stage. This battle, the Chilean that fierce tiger appears and double forward of Ding Neisi partner of fatigue tower Rome, two people cooperate very close to each other, this gave Sangpumen to will make many troubles to South-American partner.

Though rice had the state rotate, but on field 11 people kick the tacit understanding that give startling. This makes international Milan is in first half the rake in inside 2 minutes two balls are banner advantage. Sprat is medium field dark erupts again on the west big energy, two his long shot are made the finishing point by Sangqiesi, change into the goal. Although rubber ball kicks Sangqiesi to have apparent reflection, but meaning armour is allied will still goal of the 20th minute is written down was in dark on the west under one's name. Not bad the Chilean need not await too long, can celebrate him fact to hit solid international Milan career head ball. The 22nd minute, dark on the west outside forbidden zone dash forward apply sniper's shot, sangqiesi turns over offside to succeed, disclose shoots the milepost that finish one ball.

Sangqiesi is a favourite by sb in power that Benchangbi surpasses really, also sought the door out of turn as to red shop sign therefore. The second half just began, sangqiesi contends for a ball to fall down inside forbidden zone, advocate cut into parts draw out yellow shop sign, two yellow change one red give the Chilean court please. This also means him to will be opposite one week later without the predestined relationship the national heart of a Youwentusi is compared. After contest, sangqiesitong crosses gregarious media to phonate: I feel to be punished to fall sad. Look in me, this is inequitable. Nevertheless, first country Mi Yijia head he of hair did not sink into accordingly: I feel for the victory happy, whole group is active the manner of enterprising is praiseworthy. Now, make us dedicated at playing a game! Make us dedicated at playing a game!!

The state that makes one person less let expedite rotate battle array originally really rice is a little demanding. The 55th minute, yang Ke holds right leg shoot in the palm to turn an one city. Nevertheless, sangpuduoliya the fleeting of the hope that take fraction in person eye. Kong Di is shown gave oneself to exceed strong tactics to adjust ability, give immediately sprinkling a cold water in the Sang Pu of excited condition. After 6 minutes, disclose shoots Jialiyaerdini cause Aodailuo get off one's hands, country the field in rice fills personally shoot, let expend the host team that plays Li Siqiu field to embrace wholesale to not even a crow or sparrow can be heard.

3 than 1, rice guest field took the country that lays one person less 3 minutes when want. Be in next a week, rice will join the state battle strong opponent, field of Europe coronal guest is right blast cling to Sa, subsequently league matches advocate field is right a Youwentusi. Be opposite the victory of a Sang Pu is stitch cardiac apparently, the confidence that makes La Heijun round is further upward. In Suningji round force is invited under, kong Di takes over a country rice, bring team the change of clearly. The team promotion in ability tactics level is beardless verbosity, the progress of psychological level makes embrace wholesale likewise glad.

In adversity, rice officers and soldiers still can carry the state calm, never abandon, side with sprint of ground of triumphal in an orderly way. Such state of mind winning the home, the team of every angle champion cannot lack nature. Listen to general of this field adversary mulberry advocate what how when interviewing, say is accept after handsome Difulangxisike is surpassed. I express respect to international Milan, but this suffers a defeat and the error of our oneself cannot take off implication. We are honest too fear international Milan, this makes the player always shrinks back in individual antagonism.

Meaning armour 6 Lian Sheng in one's hand, kong Di as before condescending. After contest, italian name handsome say: We must low-key act, an one field plays good game. Only time can tell us final result, prove our great ambition. Next week, rice will welcome the state the devil leg in devil leg. Face heavy hardships and dangers, country rice does not shrink back absolutely.

Original title: Rice of 10 people country seizes 6 Lian Shengji add to get run! Kong Di: We must low-key responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling