Male net of China of contest of network world tour came year head gets the better of horse of dragon of cane of Yi of Wu Di conquer

Male net of China of contest of network world tour came year head gets the better of horse of dragon of cane of Yi of Wu Di conquer

Annual in September, after contest of network world tour enters Chinese sports season, chinese man player also wait came annual outside card good chance, this is the chance with not much amount to of contest of itinerate of their go on an expedition. In the ATP Zhuhai championship that ends tonight, the Wu Di that the card outside holding takes part in the match 2 than horse of dragon of Yi Teng of player of 1 conquer Japan, take Chinese man player this sports season itinerate surpasses first singles to surpassing a victory.

Go more than one year, suffer phlogistic effect of thenar muscle film, wu Di's world ranks the nadir that glides to come, domestic rank is in Bai Yan, Zhang Zhizhen, plum after the person such as list the 6th. Last week the Davis cup match of Chinese team and Korea team, hold Chinese line absolutely brunt position is close long Wu Di of 10 years fails to choose Chinese team battle array even, this is a not small blow to him.

Absent Davis a person goes the Wu Di of the cup Shanghai played ATP challenge, get the better of repeatedly all the way make finals, status also sought slowly while challenge runner-up lets him rank violent wind to rise.

Championship of this week ATP Zhuhai and Chengdu surpass the corresponding period publicly to undertake, chinese man player gets stuck outside collective also results, wu Di, Zhang Ze and Zhang Zhizhen give battle Zhuhai championship, bai Yan and plum take part in the match toward Chengdu before criterion.

Center of Zhuhai international tennis is not new to Wu Di, he ever came here to play a challenge for many times. The familiar ground, condition that anabiosis, wu Di hit a ball with the most beautiful sports season today. Face Japanese qualification to surpass horse of dragon of player Yi cane, 3 than 6 the Wu Di that loses a dish first subsequently with 6 than 3, 7 than the 5 changeover that finish.

Playing which game is big game to me, of course this match gives me this kind of rank small player takes part in the match opportunity, I feel to want to thank match chief inspector to trust to mine above all. Because give me the chance ceaselessly, I did not make them disappointed today, hold out what feel glad for oneself. Go a few years, chinese man player always has good performance in Chinese sports season, because the reason of condition and actual strength goes down very hard continuously,Dan Wudi also says frankly, everybody knows we are poor, but we do not have everybody differ so more in the imagination. The hope passes the Asian sports season this year, maintain this kind of momentum.

The 2nd round, wu Di will challenge 4 seeds Qiu Liji, period of two people adolescent has had fight hand to hand. He is the young player of heavyweight, hope this match can acquire something. Wu Di says anyway, it is to want to call a few dominant positions above all, this is to show level his requirement to oneself.

The other contest that ends tonight, the Zhang Ze that the card outside be being held likewise takes part in the match 0 than 2 not en

emy Mannalinuo, latter will meet Paasche of cc of number one seed head-on. The Chengdu that the corresponding period underta

kes is surpassed publicly in, the Bai Yan that the card outside holding takes part in the match was wasted serve after bureau success contest with 3 than 6, 6 than 4, 6 than 7 (4) not enemy British player Evan. (reporter Sun Haiguang)

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