Rejoin of Cba foreign aids answers China to whose Mabuli is resided appoint can praise the segregation that finish

Rejoin of Cba foreign aids answers China to whose Mabuli is resided appoint can praise the segregation that finish

As posture of domestic epidemic situation progressively to good, CBA raises the foreign aids of team and foreign nationality coach to also return respective club in succession each, after undertaking by the requirement ego is kept apart detecting mixing, new rejoin one's unit. North accuses team bishop to drill Mabuli was basked in in gregarious media yesterday according to, announce the end resides a segregation.

Mabuli left from the United States on March 11, the course returns Beijing after the flight of 14 hours. Undertaking relevant after detecting, the ego that Mabulili began 14 days namely is kept apart. During segregation, mabulitong crosses video to accused male basket to arrange daily training for north, still keep interactive with fan on gregarious media. On March 16, CCTV press an old grandma rehabilitation of 104 years old of advanced age gives Wuhan the news of the courtyard, the dispatch in Ma Bu expresses: China lets me see the highest state of group spirit, this is the victory that attributes complete mankind! The hope is all country can follow the lead of, go hard saving each life that is affected by virus. On March 18, dispatch goes up in gregarious media again in Ma Bu: In Beijing ego segregation! Undertake by the requirement, according to the regulation, those who listen to an organization! At the same time he still deserved to go up the photograph that oneself measure temperature.

The last day of segregation period, the dispatch in Ma Bu: Segregation returns remnant one day! Matched a paragraph of little boy to accompanying video of musical joy orchestic inside the car. Yesterday afternoon, south the Hu Jialou of old horse living seat in community staff member came to issue the segregation that occupy the home to prove for him, indication Comrade Mabuli observes period come 24 days from March 11. House appoint the elder sisters of the meeting I behave boast outstanding. Mabuli is written, and the group photo of attach and community personnel. After segregation ends, mabulihui detects again, if the result is not had unusual, he returns working station formally.

Lin Shuhao of foreign aids of group of Beijing head steel was on March 19 on individual socialization media dispatch says, oneself had returned Beijing, team will be headed for to undertake closing practice after 14 days of segregation. Suffer epidemic situation effect, of Lin Shuhao itinerary than before a lot of more endless, after reaching Beijing capital airport, lin Shuhao encountered his fan, the other side is personnel of an epidemic prevention, he is in happily of this fan defend take on autograph, and group photo accept as a souvenir. Special acknowledgment lets me defend in his in the fan of the airport today take on autograph! Lin Shuhao says.

At present Lin Shuhao still is being kept apart period, he also insists to train in the room. Restore the competition to discussing the CBA in, lin Shuhao expresses: Although player people the fan that cannot see the spot possibly, but we can play a ball game hard, endeavor to make you OK experience the happiness that brings to sports, basketball through screen in the home. All vermicelli made from bean starch people, in my saddest wounded years, you are supporting me, hope this I can support you!

The great outside help of Tianjin team holds Duoluoweiji in the palm to had returned China from black hill, after the course detects relevantly, it is at present in ego segregation. During Tianjin team is kept apart at releasing Tuoduoluoweiji on March 22, the video of training holds to inside the room, include to ride a bicycle, t

he content such as force training and flexibility training. Guangdong team foreign aids Wemyss came to China from the United States on March 6, the segregation that had ended 14 days now period, and rejoin trains. Lu Kesi of cloth of another foreign aids predicts team to be returned inside this week.

In addition, head steel gr

oup great outside help is spent especially, of Fujian team outstanding special, Lawson, the little outside help that north accuses a group nots case also had returned respective club, will undertake by the regulation segregation hind and team close practice.

Original title: CBA foreign aids returns to Mabuli to finish segregation responsibility to edit in succession: Li Xiaoling