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Netease sports reported on November 23:

In the area of world cup Asia last week 1-2 of field of male enough settle or live in a strange place loses China of 40 strong competition at Syria, after contest advocate Shuai Li skin announces resignation. The skin in this week commented on him to be in China when accepting Italian media to interview of football teach, spoke of the circumstance of meaning armour and Italian nation group.

The skin came to Chinese football 2012 in, he is to teach first Guangzhou constant big club, china is held the position of for two times again later group of male sufficient nation advocate handsome. Accepting " Ilsussidiario " when interviewing in the skin expresses, be in China teach experience was brought to me a lot of. From the point of technical angle, I think I try hard to teach this motion with best means, and was won a lot of. And from the point of individual angle, I am very glad to can know a state that has long history and culture.

Although in skin now already 71 years old, but the idea that he did not retire at this point. Without doubt, I won't teach again now club, care about big profit especially. Perhaps be in 6 arrive inside 7 months, I may want return coach seat, I can go to abroad continueing to teach later. Look li of skin still have continue to teach the possibility of group of a nation.

Youwen of league matches of armour of sports season meaning and this country rice is the adversary that contend for a coronal, and the skin in these two team ever had taught. The competition of two team is exciting, can continue to sports season final phase. But what must emphasize is, at present You Wen was developed only 60% to the latent capacity of 70% , even if is suc

h they care about armour and Ou Guan to keep indefectible. I do not think You Wen wants to carry off what Ou Guan still lacks, they had been now one of 34 Europe's most outstanding team, performance is very steady. The optimal memory that I teach in You Wen is meaning armour above all gain the championship, still have cup of Italian cup, Ou Guan, intercontinental, that is a paragraph of good time, I kept good memory.

The skin ever led Italian nation group to obtain in 2006 world cup champion, later Italy for a time achievement not beautiful, do not have a predestined relationship even the world cup last year. 2020 nevertheless European cup preelection is surpassed in, the beautiful accomplishment that the Italian nation group that Manjini teachs gets the better of completely with 10 battle promotes successfully. The skin expresses in, manjini is a train that has effect very much, very mature on tactics and technology, the most important is he gave people the attributive sense to national group.

At present this Italy has a lot of outstanding young players in national group, the skin feels glad to this in, manjini took a brave way, he is recruited and heavy used a lot of young players, among them even some of person has not kicked meaning armour league matches. The average age of this nation group is very young, so far the performance of team is very excellent, I think national group can achieve main goal. I hope with all Italians he can lead a team to duplicate the success that I ever gained.

The skin in finally spoke of a few change of modern football and development, I move to the football the change of each respects is interested greatly, I think so very good now. For instance VAR technology, I think this conduces to improvement of the judgment a few sentence punish, it is to help a j

udgment execute the law the main tool of the match. Women football motion also is developing ceaselessly, this is active, the success of women football world cup proved this, I believe prospective women football can become more and more important.

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