Lin Shuhao penalty shot reduces win by a narrow margin absolutely Shenzhen head steel brings this victory accuse comfort auspicious

Lin Shuhao penalty shot reduces win by a narrow margin absolutely Shenzhen head steel brings this victory accuse comfort auspicious

Late on December 8, penalty shot of Beijing head steel kills Shenzhen absolutely last hour, he Xining hits the target to kill 3 minutes absolutely definitely, the field in Dan Linshu a person of extraordinary powers is caused 3 minutes foul, penalty shot is killed absolutely, final Beijing advocate Shenzhen of field 102-100 win by a narrow margin.

Brother, I know you came! When spot compere the newspaper gives 51 number, ground calls the numerous mouth of many 10 thousand fan inside 5 loose gymnasium the name that gave auspicious . This one evening, everything what place of player, coach, fan does, it is to send auspicious last Cheng. Last night, 2019 surpass the 14th round to convention of CBA of 2020 sports season, male basket of Beijing head steel advocate with 102 than Shenzhen of 100 win by a narrow margin Ma Kebo collect team, the player is accused with this victory comfort several days ago due to illness a of auspicious of player of steel group meritorious service of demit world. Auspicious dies of what ill auspicious how lung cancer all circles of A couplet CBA grieves over auspicious

Head steel whole group is auspicious and battle

Head steel club was this field match technically to make poster, the theme is for auspicious battle.

Head steel group advocate handsome Yanisi is accepted before contest this love general spoke of when interviewing, 2013 I know auspicious when national group assemble for training. In teach a steel group at the beginning of, I know, he is a soldier, no matter enter the court below, he always is in the ideal that is oneself and target battle.

Original what the match of a steel group and Shenzhen team is not traditional sense to go up is strong be opposite by force definitely, but because have the theme that commemorates auspicious , this field match becomes one ticket is begged hard.

The spot in many 10 thousand audience, head the sea of true fan king of steel group offsprings on a special trip Cong Shunyi comes, his hand lifts the 51 souvenir T-shirt of auspicious , distressed expression is shown in the eye. A day ago, wang Haikun and a few friends reach a steel basketball center together the portrait of the deceased that hall is auspicious on the west served a flower. Send auspicious last Cheng for the spot, bought ball ticket from ox hand now. Tonight, head steel team member is auspicious and battle, our fan also can cry for h

im, the last time! Say, this boy with big and tall figure choked with sobs.

Lin Shuhao is performed kill absolutely instead

The still has a steel group team member that moves a look likewise people. In link of contest prelude national anthem, everybody fails to keep back inner mood, di Xiaochuan, Zhu Yan the good friend with old go on an expedition of following auspicious waits to burst into tears on the west. After begin, head the condition of steel group got the mood is affected, for a time with 8 than 15 backward. Yanisi changes great outside help to be spent especially, his come on the stage the planted agent offensive that qualified Shenzhen team not only, still help bowler of this team exterior line undertake covering block tear open. Head steel group take advantage of an opportunity is hit 12 than the attack wave of 4, exceed score instead for 20 than 19. Nevertheless, shenzhen team feel of 3 minutes of balls is fervent, first with 26 than 22 banner.

Although Shenzhen team has Martin only a foreign aids can come on the stage, but Dai of He Xining of native land bowler, Yang Lin, Rong Zifeng and Lu Yi bomb of article take turns, head steel group first half with 46 than 52 backward. The 3rd, spend especially in attack prevent two end to show very strong aggressive sex, two teams with 71 smooth enter minor details decide the issue of the battle. Minor details is final always, head steel group chases after score to 96 than 97. 3 minutes of balls of before Zhu Yan finals session in an examination on the west 11.1 seconds help team exceed 2 minutes instead. The He Xining of Shenzhen team is in 3 minutes of balls that 1 second scores a hit to kill the match almost again finally. But head steel group did not abandon, the field in Lin Shuhao presses chirp skill long shot to make adversary fou

l. The judgment put a steel group 3 times to punish basket opportunity through watching video to answer, lin Shuhao withstands pressure scores a hit entirely, kill a success absolutely instead.

Yanisi expresses after contest, in the past is I teach these days the time with the hardest career, the everybody of whole group is enmeshed in anguish. Team member people do not abandon from beginning to end, the battle arrived finally. Be in in ethereal somebody look at us, this victory is right him (auspicious ) best recall.

Commemorate auspicious highlights the milk of human kindness of CBA

5 loose gymnasium last night, fan of more than 10000 capitals comes to the spot, all a suit is worn imprint the commemorative T-shirt that has 51, all with one voice was the of auspicious of player of Beijing basketball exploit that die young to serve the most cordial blessing.

This night belongs to basketball already, more than at basketball. The match became carrier from main body before parting life, concede points is confused and all sorts of affection of the outside can gather together hereat, get be releasinged thoroughly. All previous classics the CBA league matches of 24 practice carrying calendar, in professionalism of all the more while, also pay attention to humanitarian consideration more, intense competition ground also can have temperature, have the milk of human kindness.

In the past, regular meeting of Chinese fan classics is attracted by the NBA team place in television relay. Of course, what everybody pays close attention to is basketball field not only inside intense than going all out, ball house in the sky scene of the flag of total championship of one side face that raises, old team member retires indefinitely the special treatment of ceremony, allied celebrity hall honor, true fan, the culture that these and basketball concern and league matches zoology are confused by Chinese ball take delight in talking about.

Deep know well this Chinese basket assist the effort that chairman Yao Ming passes nearly a few sports season, for infuse of CBA league matches the gene of professionalism.

We see, when player of core of Chinese male basket Yi Jianlian becomes the 2nd extremely when the gentleman, he is in Shandong of the team advocate was awarded the father-in-law rock that has indicative sense quite. And this sports season, his notch rain of Zhu Fang of the teammate before was being surmounted, receive in glory CBA history to notch king, CBA company was him technically to issue the history to notch in this match Wang Zhuan belongs to pot. Had done not have in these CBA league matches that are associate with, these ceremonial feeling also reflect a whole alliance estimation to the player.

And this, club of basketball of Beijing head steel 4 years to team the of exploit player auspicious of 3 coronals gave enough esteem and deep love likewise. From announce a player to die after the message, the club intensifies running up and down, drive make T-shirt of commemorative video, souvenir, in 5 loose gymnasium annulus corridor decorates photograph wall, it is before the contest last night, relevant souvenir activity had in contest.

Say with respect to the fan that does not wish to leave like the for a long time after empty after the show in that way: We commemorate auspicious , because he is opposite a steel group made contribution. We have deep love for a steel group, because it has the milk of human kindness. (reporter: Wang Yang)

Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling