Country of East Asia cup is sufficient 1

Japan of sufficient 1-2 of country of East Asia cup 21 years deeply Japanese coach player exposing to the sun of special effort

Japan of sufficient 1-2 of country of cup of 2019 East Asia, this suffers a defeat to also let Chinese team be opposite of a Japan deeply time is lengthened to 21 years, last time Chinese team beats adversary or the East Asia 1998 4 strong competition, this match still makes wear at that time take this cup, chinese team spends 2-0 conquer Japan by right of Li Bing's Mei Kaier. From this later, the country is sufficient to Japan 5 smooth 7 negative, beg hard get the better of, media says this is demon cuss is defeated hard.

First half begins, japanese team counts second intercept to foul, opportunity of free kick of the field before Chinese team is taken, but did not form the assault that has menace. After 15 minutes, japanese team was strengthened counterattack, create danger situation for Chinese team again and again. The 28th minute, dark island department leads the field in Japanese team the ball is strong dash forward in forbidden zone road horizontal stroke is pas

sed, fierce of forward bell wood hides follow-up shovel to shoot, this team that it is day breaks deadlock. The 32nd minute, jiang Zhipeng fouls the movement is too big by advocate the judgment shows yellow shop sign to warn. When first half ends, japanese team 1:0Banner.

Enter the second half, the field before Chinese team is strengthened is attacked. The 52nd minute, dong Xuesheng takes ball follow-up by rescue sb from a siege of Japanese player head, on the right side of tomorrow follow-up, one foot smokes the doorcase in fire, delinquency turns the chance that answers one city. The 70th minute, corner kick opens the way in giving penalty area on the right side of Japanese team, 3 riverside bowstring too reentry of the head introduction, this team that it is day one ball. Before the match ends, gold respects path general b

all inclined before be being passed to the door, dong Xuesheng head is built result, will final score adapts for 1:2.

The netizen evaluates this match: The first, just be defeated by, the difference of powerful group of we and world is in shorten. The 2nd, still enter, our forward level obtains major breakthrough.

The bishop drills Li Tie spoke of the view that surpasses to Benchangbi in interviewing after contest: I feel player special effort, also be according to the coach the requirement is being done, we can see they are attendant go up to still have little not close, first half faces Japan force grab, we are in accuse some are not self-confident above the ball, but better and better later. This a lot of people are China of delegate of the first time in life team head is sent, their expression is very good, can see they want to play this game very much. More regretful is first half it is OK that that loses a ball through defending training solves, the 2nd breaks a ball to may be mixed just substitution is relative. These two balls are a little regretful.

Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling