China is sufficient assist will build league matches library of record of technology of player of outstanding China record

6 days, china is sufficient assist express in its official net, the decision builds league matches library of record of technology of player of outstanding China record, first commonage 64 players such as Ike dark are selected, 8 players such as Huang Zichang are included a key to inspect young player list.

According to introducing, china is sufficient assist invite independence Amis division of company of tripartite data, with in the Chinese record player that exceeds league matches is example core, lubricious player is shown in league matches of the armour in bringing into a part to be in at the same time, according to arrive from forward goalkeeper, it is most important to this position technology to choose multidimensional spend data to have analysis and sort. Recently, china is sufficient assist organize China again sufficient assist chief inspector of training of group of officer of technology of technical committee member, club, nation forms expert group, undertake many rounds assessment on data analysis foundation, formed finally this second list.

Expert group thinks, introduce data to prop

up the rigorous sex that is helpful for ensuring player technology is analysed and scientific sex, be helpful for from subjective and objective two dimension spend qualitative, ration to evaluate a player, this is the practice passes through on international, answer to maintain for a long time later. In the meantime, expert group also points out when undertaking the technology is analysed, data shows player whole level adequately the current situation with not tall, integrated not strong

capability, want to undertake to the player the promotion of specific aim, systematization trains.

China is sufficient assist express, this is it is research example with domestic profession league matches first. Future, china is sufficient assist still will build include abroad player inside each age paragraph library of record of outstanding player technology, the data camp between get through and club, with dogging for a long time Chinese player develops orbit, fumble the right way that suits development of Chinese football technology, build Chinese football DNA finally.

Original title: China is sufficient assist build league matches responsibility of library of record of technology of player of outstanding China record edits: Li Xiaoling